Perfect Pitch: The Made-Up Movie Game
Perfect Pitch: The Made-Up Movie Game

Perfect Pitch is a short improv party game for 3 to 10 players. Teams of players take turns pitching movie ideas whose title is taken from a deck of cards. It has been successfully playtested and produced.


Perfect Pitch is loosely based on "Made-Up Movie", a popular improv comedy bit from The Adam Carolla Show, a morning radio program from 2006-2009 and podcast from 2009 on.


I'm running a Kickstarter campaign to see who wants to buy the game. I'm NOT asking for donations. The more people that pledge, the more money I can save on production and the nicer I can make the finished product. To reiterate: The game is finished and I need to know how many copies to print.


"It's a solid game... a good party game." Peter Vaughan, Breaking Games


"Non-stop social interaction and team brainstorming make this the game the Perfect Pitch for your next party!" - Brian Henk, Overworld Games


"I love this game." - Mandy Jacobs, Bent Ventures


The game comes with 120 word cards and a box. The word cards have been carefully selected to provide the greatest opportunity for creativity and comedy. If I raise $300 or more, I will include a rule sheet in the box, printed on normal paper.


Anyone who can speak English can play, but for legal reasons it says age 14+ on the box.


I also have a print-and-play version available for $5 on Kickstarter. You download a pdf file and print it, then cut it up into little cards.


Playtested at:

First Play: L.A.

Paper Hero's Games

Joey's Weekly Anarchist Game Crusher for Badasses


Special Thanks

Special thanks to Adam Carolla, Astrid Dalmady and Peter Vaughan at Breaking Games, Brian Henk at Overworld Games, Ta-Te Wu at Sunrise Tornado Game Studio, and Joey Vigour of Joey's Weekly Anarchist Game Crusher for Badasses. I couldn't have done it without you.

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