Pentium Planner Wallet
Pentium Planner Wallet

The Pentium Planner Wallet is essentially the pocket-sized, 3-in-1 product that keeps your day organized, your tasks prioritized, and your pockets simplified. To put it briefly, the Pentium Planner Wallet functions as a daily planner, a notebook, and a wallet!

  • The Quarterly Planner has four unique page layouts. A two-page monthly layout begins each month, and has room for the user to pick two Daily Duties that they want to accomplish throughout the month. Thirty-one individual day pages follow with a 12-hour schedule, a bulleted To-Do list, two check boxes for your Daily Duties, and some free space at the bottom for notes or doodling. At the end of each month, there is an Accomplishments page for you to right down the big events and achievements of the past month!


  • Lined Note Pages make up the last 35 pages of the planner, perfect for jotting down notes in meetings or making room for notes that didn't fit on a daily page. Their are also two bookmarks built into the binding that allow you to mark your current day in the planner as well as your current location in the lined pages!

  • The Wallet features are located inside of the back cover of the Pentium Planner Wallet. There are two RFID-blocking compartments that can hold up to 10 cards total as well as a dual-compartment collapsible pocket that lets you separate your cash and business cards. An elastic band wraps around the exterior of the wallet for extra security to make sure your cash and cards stay safe and secure inside!


Because the planner feature of our product is quarterly, there will be three months worth of calendar layouts and individual days in each Pentium Planner Wallet, as well as the lined note pages in the back. Retail for a single Pentium Planner Wallet will be around $11.99, or $34.99 for four Pentium Planner Wallets (a full years worth of planners at a discounted rate). However, on Kickstarter, the product rewards will cost significantly less than their retail price. So be sure to give us your email so you can help us bring our project to life at a discounted cost to you!

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