Pens Plus Pals: A Modern Matching Service for Pen Pals
Pens Plus Pals: A Modern Matching Service for Pen Pals

Pens Plus Pals facilitates and celebrates modern-day letter writing by matching aspiring Pen Pals across generations and geographies.

As any good tween of the mid-90’s, I remember reading my Teen Beat magazine and eagerly cutting out the mail-in advert for a pen pal. The anticipation of waiting to receive the identity of my pen pal. was almost as excruciating as waiting to find out if Nickelodeon was going to take over my school (they never did). I'd spend hours crafting the perfect letters to my new friends from exotic places like Akron and Lubbock!

Who wouldn't want to be my friend? 
Who wouldn't want to be my friend?

Introducing: Pens Plus Pals

At its most basic level, Pens Plus Pals aims to provide that same thrill to its Pen-Members by matching Pen Pals across the world. P+P will tailor a match to suit your correspondence goals, whether you want conversation topics to focus on current events, new perspectives, mentorship, kid-friendly content, spirituality, romance, or let us play P+P "roulette" and see what pen pal fate awaits you!

Inclusions, please:

For our Yearly Pen Members, there are also great Pen Perks to receive along the way, including killer stationery sets and pencil case, P+P apparel, and more!

Pencils: the must-have fall accessory 
Pencils: the must-have fall accessory

These packs will be (surprise) mailed to our Pen Members along with the reveal of the "Pen Name" of the pen pal with whom you've been matched and their address. From there, well, start writing - your exciting P+P experience begins! 

We will also provide you with quarterly gift boxes filled with "surprise and delight" to keep your creative juices flowing.

Special delivery! 
Special delivery!

Is this for me?

If you're craving an excuse to unplug from our overexposed world of mass posts on Snap-Gram-Insta-Face-Tube, P+P is for you. Don't get me wrong, there’s a ton of value in these platforms but they shouldn’t be a replacement for or at the expense of writing traditions. End your reliance on the backspace button, spend 10 minutes on airplane mode, and let's challenge ourselves to compose thoughts and ideas on paper with the goal of creating authentic connection with fellow human.

The future of P+P

Not only will you take advantage of the great cathartic and health benefits of writing and cultivating a one-on-one relationship with your pen pal, but you'll join a lively community that is challenging modern and conventional wisdom about the place for letter-writing in the world. P+P should endeavor to become the #1 global movement and catalyst for letter exchange. 

With enough groundswell behind Pens Plus Pals, I'd also love to offer a Pen-It-Forward Program that allows Members to sponsor a Pen Pal in a homeless shelters / nursing homes and also P+P School Program for school exchanges in the near future!

What about Ts & Cs?

For anyone concerned about those Terms & Conditions, we got your back. The registration system will include a user verification process, the requirement to select a "Pen Names" to protect identities.

If, after those security measures, you'd like an added layer of anonymity, the One Year Penultimate Plan offers full anonymity. P+P will protect your identity and location by serving as the go–between for you and your Pen Pal! 

Before you leave...

Are you feeling left behind or increasingly disenchanted in the digitally-dominated world? Are you a parent looking for a fun and educational weekly activity to share with the kids? Do you need a gift for "the person who has everything"? Bottom line: you belong with Pens Plus Pals if you place aninherent value in writing and honor our three key values: legacy, authenticity, and community.

Pens Plus Pals: Look Good on Paper.

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