PEEKABOOM is a fast and outrageously fun strategy game where you work with your partner to assemble and detonate your explosive device before your opponents can detonate theirs.

Sounds easy? Not so fast! You need to use secret signals to let your partner know when your device is ready to explode. Don’t make it too obvious or you’ll get caught. But if it’s not obvious enough, your partner won’t notice it… And don’t forget to watch your opponents or you’ll miss their secret signals!

Check out the video below to get an idea of what happens inside the head of a Peekaboom player:

What's in the Box?

We care about quality! This is a game that you and your friends will play for years. We want to make sure it lasts. Here are some of the high quality items in the box:

  • Explosives Cards - 18 explosive devices, gorgeously illustrated by Monica Gaifem. Collect. Collect 3 of a kind and send the detonate signal!
  • Signal Cards - 48 different detonation signals to send to your partner. But don't make it too obvious or you'll get caught!
  • Blank Signal Cards - 6 blank cards so that you can make up your own signals. Make them as crazy as you want!
  • Game tokens - Use these tokens to keep track of the score.



We're so sure that you will enjoy PEEKABOOM, that we plan to make it available for you to download and try before buying.

Game Rules

This video gives more details about the game rules:

Strategies and Advanced gameplay

• Bluff! Send fake signals to make your opponents mistakenly say ‘SNIP!’. 
• Watch what explosives your opponents are collecting. Enjoy the look of surprise on their faces when you say ‘SNIP!’ before they have even made their signal. 
• Alternatively, if you see an opponent collecting a particular explosive, grab it when it appears on the table before they manage to grab it themselves. 
• Even better, if you already have an opponent’s card in your hand, play it and say ‘SNIP!’ as soon as he or she picks it up. 
• You should also watch what your partner is collecting, maybe you have a card he or she can use. 
• Watch for players who aren’t collecting any cards, they probably have collected 3 of a kind already. 
• Confuse your opponent by constantly dropping and collecting extra cards so that they can’t see what explosives you are really collecting. 
• There are blank signal cards in the Signals deck. Make up your own signals. 
• For more advanced players - don’t use the Signals deck at all! Each team makes up 3 Signals before the game and uses them from start to finish. 


We'll be posting reviews as they come in - so far the feedback from reviewers has been great!

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