PEDION Modular Prepainted Urban Terrain System
PEDION Modular Prepainted Urban Terrain System

This project has already launched.

We are expanding Pedion Modular Battlefields (www.pedionterrain.comwith a selection of Urban themed Tiles!
These 30cm x 30cm (1'x1') Tiles connect magnetically and can be configured to create any Urban board. They come in 3 distinct themes: 'Rustic', 'Medieval' and 'Modern' which cover a wide range of Urban environments and gaming themes. You can arrange them to simulate hundreds of street layouts to fit any size of playing area, different for each of your games. And, since they take up minimal space, you can store them in a small living-room cupboard.

We introduced Pedion as a Terrain System; a way for wargamers, role-players, and modelling hobbyists to recreate any battlefield* they wish to play on, without sacrificing aesthetics or requiring much room for storage. Pedion is an emerging company in Terrain building, having already run a very successful Kickstarter in 2015 with the debut of our extensive Modular Battlefields line.

The principle of Pedion is that the board will consist of a number of terrain “tiles”, that is, square pieces each depicting specific terrain features. The tiles are 30x30cm and only 1cm thick (1’x1’x0.4”) and they connect to each other without any restriction on orientation. They are handpainted with realistic features while still practical for miniature movement and combat. By combining the tiles, the players can form multiple layouts, covering most table sizes. The tiles are very lightweight, durable and take minimal space.

*ped·i·on, noun \ˈpedēən, from Ancient Greek πεδίον (“plain, field, flat surface”), πεδίον μάχης = battlefield

We designed the Urban Battlefields' tiles in a way that:

  1. allow the gamer to quickly recreate street networks and the chaotic fabric of an urban environment in multiple configurations, different for each game.
  2. look beautiful and authentic, but at the same time be practical for gaming.
  3. work with other Pedion Battlefields tiles.
  4. enable the placement of buildings, fences and terrain scenic details in general from any manufacturer, without stealing the spotlight. 
  5. adhere to all Pedion design parameters: full molecularity, simple connectivity, thin, low weight, durability, easy storage.

Trying to encompass the look and feel of every urban corner in every era and genre can be quite impossible. Even more, Pedion is intended for gaming, not for dioramas (however good it may look). So, from all the options, we concluded on three (3) generalised urban terrain Styles, feeling that they could cover multiple periods and that the buildings placed on them would do the job of specialising the board's historical/geographical/genre purpose.

The first Style available will combine classic cobblestone roads with a "dirt"/soil texture on non-paved areas, i.e. the spaces reserved for buildings. The soil texture is broken with patches of green vegetation, and there are extensive grass tufts on the road sides, where the water usually collects. The dirt coloration is a not one used in our tiles before, but completely new, intended to be more neutral for any geographic location.

The style works quite well on on Urban/suburban environment where the people may have used cobbles to pave some of their streets. It fits Rustic settlements, rural areas, villages, small Towns, even ancient cities if the residing civilization used stone on roads. By leaving open spaces in-between the houses, one can create smaller alleys and dirt paths branching away from the main cobblestone roads. There are no signs of a drainage system, so that the Style can be used in areas and eras where an underground one would not exist.


Perhaps the more robust Style, as it can be used in many a Wargame or RPG scenario. The style uses two different cobblestone patterns, a smaller, recessed one for the roads, and a larger, embossed one for the building spaces. There is an irregularly shaped string of stones on roadsides to act as a primitive sidewalk, and there are drainage grates implying the existence of basic sewers. There will be an option for each backer whether the tiles will include the signs of sewers and manholes or not.

The Style can be used to represent the basis of multiple urban environments, especially medieval areas, fantasy settlements, and many European City Centres up to the present day!

For those gaming in the modern (or futuristic) era, we've designed a Style where the road surface is asphalt, the open areas are paved with large geometric stones, and there are proper pedestrian sidewalks. There are again drainage facilities, like manhole covers. The sidewalks protrude 1mm from road level and they are 2.5cm (1") wide. Road lines are possible but may limit the option of playing in different scales. Greater road width can be made available via Stretch Goals during the campaign.

Each Urban Battlefields Set is comprised by a number of tiles in one of four (4) basic designs. These can be connected and arranged to create any layout you can think of.

To both simplify pledge selection and facilitate future production, we have grouped our Rewards into three basic Sets: Village, Town and City, which allow backers to set up a 2'x2', 3'x3' or a 4'x4' gaming area respectively. You may choose one of these sets as a reward, and you will choose its Style (Rustic, Medieval or Modern) after the Kickstarter. These sets may be expanded and upgraded through Add-ons and/or Stretch Goals. Keep in mind that the tiles in the photographs are prototypes and the final products may vary slightly. Also, the styles shown are for demonstation purposes, all sets can be ordered in all Styles.



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