Pedestrian Wanderlust Performance & Gala
Pedestrian Wanderlust Performance & Gala

This project has already launched.

We are raising money to fund our first ever Pedestrian Wanderlust Gala for our two year anniversary. The gala will be held at Dixon Place on March 4th and include a show with live performances by twelve Pedestrian Wanderlust dancers and projections of past films. We will take a look back at the journey of Pedestrian Wanderlust as well as a look into the future at where Pedestrian Wanderlust is going. The event will end with an hour long dance party to get everyone moving. Below is a breakdown of how received funds will be allocated.

$1,200: Renting the theatre at Dixon Place for the night.

$300: Marketing and Advertising for the Gala Event.

$600: Paying each of our 12 amazing dancers a $50 performance fee. 

$100: Covering the costs of rewards.

Risks and challenges

We have already signed our contract with Dixon Place and put down a $600 deposit out of pocket to secure the space for the night. With your support, we hope to make it a wonderful night to remember as we celebrate community and the joy of dance.

All rewards will be sent out the week following the event on March 4th. Please support us in making this Gala a reality and the best that it can possibly be. We have a really exciting program outlined for the evening so if you are in New York, we sincerely hope to see you there too!

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