Pebbles: Sustainable & Sculpted Puzzles.
Pebbles: Sustainable & Sculpted Puzzles.

Creative and constructive play is an important part of life regardless of age. Pebbles offer exactly that. Both kids or adults can use the Pebbles to recreate classic shapes or to go "outside the lines" and build your own images and patterns.  

Classic tangram puzzles have existed for generations. The same seven shapes have been twisted and turned to create rabbits, acrobats, helicopters, and hundreds and hundreds of other shapes.  You can create letters and numbers to sketch out a message or just "doodle" with the forms until you see something you recognize. 









Playing with Pebbles stimulates your imagination and exercises your problem solving skills, while giving your hands a break from the keybored and your eyes a rest from the screen. Pebbles are portable and come with a carrying bag so you can bring them with you to a cafe, work, home or wherever you feel like playing. 


Sustainable Play: There is a lot of plastic in the toy industry. We are very pleased that Pebbles will be produced using sustainable bamboo materials. Each piece is 100% botanical and biodegradable. 

Playing & Puzzling: While working on this campaign we had a number of beautiful and encouraging encounters. While taking photos at an airport, two young boys put down their gameboys and came over to watch us make shapes.  Soon they were making shapes themselves and loving it! For those of you who sign up for multiple sets, there is really no limit to what you can create. Your imagination will enjoy the exercise that Pebbles can bring. 

Just Plain Enjoyable: While staying reasonably true to the classic shapes of traditional tangrams we've added gentle curves that make our pieces especially nice to handle and to hold. Even when you are not working on a specific shape, just playing around with the Pebbles is enjoyable and relaxing. Pebbles engage our instinct to touch and hold things and reflect our appetite for a more tactile connection to the world.


We've brought this project to Kickstarter for help raising the funds needed to take these prototypes into production.  In order to bring Pebbles to market, we will need to invest in special tools that form and compress the ground bamboo into solid and durable pieces. We also need to make an initial order of thousands of pieces to get the ball rolling.

Each set of Pebbles has the seven pieces that make up a classic set of Tangrams.  We will also include a puzzle guide and answer key for some of the most popular shapes.
















If enough people sign on for the Kickstarter campaign, we will be able to create the Pebbles in additional colors. 


The first color that we plan to add after the natural color of the bamboo material is riverstone/charcoal. 

The more popular the project gets, the more colors we would be able to add.  


From Fimo to Finals - The Pebble Process 
From Fimo to Finals - The Pebble Process

Each piece was first sculpted by hand to create the balance and curviness desired. The Pebble pieces need to lay flat and fit snugly in multiple orientations. Designing the pebbles is one of those things that looks like it should be easy and gets kinda complicated pretty quickly. We also needed the 3D data files to allow for mass production while keeping their "natural" feel.  Once the 3D data was prototyped we found a few edges to adjust and got started making shapes. 


For those of you who would like to know a bit more about who you'll be counting on for your Pebbles,  Liz and Adrienne are both professionals with experience in both big companies and as freelancers creating new ideas for others to sell. 

Liz is an industrial designer and travels the world working with new materials and manufacturers.  Her experience with design and production is going to be an amazing help.  

Adrienne is an organizer with a preference to organize projects to launch new designs and new companies.  She has successfully launched a Kickstarter in 2013, Food Huggers, that left 5,000 supporters (and their fuitis and veggies) very happy. 

We've been friends for almost twenty years now and we are very excited to be launching this new project together. You can count on us to deliver a great product with attention to detail and an open line of communication. 

We thank our families for their support both the general kind of providing encouragement as well as the "rolling up the sleeves" kind where videos and photos and big brained computer skills come into play.  Many thanks to Val Foster who helped us create the Pebble logo and is always a front row supporter.  We also want to thank Howard Liss, who made the connection to our amazing manufacturing partner Christine possible.  

Thank You For Reading. We Can't Wait to Introduce You to Pebbles. 

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