Pearls Band- Health Tracker
Pearls Band- Health Tracker

People have to manage their life habits when their hypertensive. Doctors advise recording blood pressure, however since it is difficult to take a note every time. Pearls band records it automatically. Thus we have a stylish and affordable solution to track our fitness and health goals through a wearable device, we can carry anywhere.

Pearls Band, world's best health monitoring band is now all set to launch crowdfunding campaign to get funds for its production. This band can monitor not only your daily activities but also track your blood pressure, blood oxygen, fatigue level and much more. There is no doubt that inactivity is the main reason behind many health issues like blood pressure, weight gain, illness and much more that affects the human body. If you want to stay updated with your health and live long, then fitness band is one of the best solutions. With Pearls Band, you can easily monitor your health on your phone. If anyone is looking for a fitness band with various features at an affordable price, then have a look at Pearls Band with awesome features.

Pearls Band, helps you to Monitor your health on your wrist. Pearls Band is comes out with bundles of awesome and unique features designed to provide you convenience to Track steps, calories burned, hourly activity, Sedentary Reminder, Blood pressure, Blood Oxygen Monitoring, Heart Rate, Long Battery Life, Notifications, Perfect Navigation features, Sleep Monitoring & much more. The aim of Pearls Band  is to provide high potential Wearable which is like a private health secretary for you.  It aimed every hand experience the benefit of new technology at affordable prices.

Pearls Band is soon launching a campaign on Indiegogo. The upcoming crowdfunding campaign will offer its backers the opportunity to get this stylish band at just $79. To know more about Pearls band visit at

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