PEAR Cards
PEAR Cards

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PEAR Cards are a deck of 100 cards crafted specifically to initiate positive & open communication in social situations. 

  • 65 - individual prompts to respond to 
  • 20 - group questions to explore 
  • 12 - positive affirmations to brighten your day 
  • 3 - create your own to add a personal touch

Some have even gone as far to call this "cards for humanity", as they are used as a tool to simply and genuinely open communication for others to engage with one another in a positive manner. Enjoy more meaningful conversations at the dinner table with your spouse and children, connect on a deeper level with friends at a BBQ or create an open, safe space in the classroom. The opportunities are endless. 





PEAR was founded on the belief that life is better lived with a positive, open state of mind. We want to help you become a more positive and confident person, and in turn share this mindset with your community and the world. 

We encourage use of PEAR Cards in a near endless list of social situations. A few examples are:

  • Dinner parties with family or friends
  • In a classroom
  • Icebreakers before a meeting
  • Support groups promoting mental health

There are many reasons to use PEAR Cards, but the most important is that they are fun and emotionally rewarding. 
















MyCase Sales Team Using PEAR Cards 
MyCase Sales Team Using PEAR Cards



When Nathan was a young and vocally distant teen, his mother struggled to find a way to engage with him in open communication. It was she who first began prompting Nathan with positivity questions. At first, he rejected the idea and would participate with the bare minimum, but he soon found that reflecting and outputting even a small amount of positivity affected his state of being. It not only reopened the communication between him and his mother, but also cleared a new path that allowed for growth and a strengthened bond between them. 

Years later, following the suicide of a close friend, and the loss of another under tragic circumstances, we learned a valuable lesson. Through our hard losses and moments of despair what helped most was the connections we shared with others. Nothing in life is guaranteed and we decided the best way to spend ours was to fill them with love and positivity each day. 

We’ve spent all of our time since trying to live by that code and PEAR Cards are our first step in sharing that message. We want to put the power of positivity and openness into your hands and assist you in becoming the curator of your own happiness. 

PEAR Presents at Chico High School 
PEAR Presents at Chico High School


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  • All shipping within the US is free.
  • Our campaign ends October 19th. We will contact our manufacturers immediately with an order. As with most good things, it will take time to finalize everything and have the cards ready for mass shipment. 
  • PEAR Cards should be arriving at your door in January, perfect time to start a new year with positivity and connection!
  • For orders over 6 sets - to discuss bulk order pricing. 
  • For those ordering outside of the US, we suggest ordering together with friends so that you can save on shipping costs. Example: Having 6 friends order together and ship to one location in order to split the shipping cost rather than separately ordering and having to each pay individual shipping.

For everyone who supports us on Kickstarter we are releasing a Limited Edition Kickstarter PEAR Cards box. We value your support and want to reward you with something a little special as a token of our gratitude. Each box will have a unique ‘Funded with Kickstarter’ badge on it signifying that you were amongst the first ever to have PEAR Cards and are an essential part of our growth and success. We are extremely grateful for all those who have helped us to get to this point. What started as an idea in a backyard has turned into a dream.

Thank you so much!

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