Peak Performance Planner
Peak Performance Planner

This project has already launched.

The Peak Performance Planners

The Peak Performance Planners are a series of life planners designed to be to organize every aspect of your life and keep you on track with your goals. Stay on top of your career, finances, fitness, nutrition, social/personal life and more! They include planning tips and guides, detailed daily, weekly and monthly planning sheets, goal planning, goal tracking, motivation and habit formation guides and more!

About Me

My name is Karin Modessa and I am excited to help you achieve your dreams and goals! As a personal trainer and planner-addict, I am always thinking about how I can better myself and help others become better versions of themselves. Becoming your best self is a life-long journey that requires continued planning, goal-setting, motivation, and learning. I have spent a year creating the best planning tools to help people like you further their goals in all aspects of life. I am raising funds to make these awesome planners available to everyone! These funds will also be used to make a digital app version of each of these planners for all you tech-savvy people out there! Cheers to the future of planning and achieving goals and living the best life you possibly can!!

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