Peaches The Corgi - Children's Book
Peaches The Corgi - Children's Book

This project has already launched.

"Peaches the Corgi: Who To Be" tells the story of Peaches, a small corgi puppy who doesn't feel quite comfortable in his fur. Peaches wants to be like the other animals he knows. The story then delves into exploration and self-love. Ending on a positive, but not so forced note. 
I feel it is important for children to understand that having self doubt is quite normal, but there is always something unique within us all. Just like Peaches, I have dealt with feeling too small. At the height of four foot nine, I still do! But, I still love myself for my quirkiness.
I have been lucky enough to have a singular solid copy of "Peaches the Corgi: Who To Be". The story was both written and illustrated by me. The book is squared shape, perfect for little hands to grasp. It includes 20 full colored matte pages, 4 pattern pages and a glossy cover and back which includes Peaches himself.
I have been able to share this book around in order to get an opinion on if children would like the book. It has been shared with fellow teachers, education professors , parents and peers. Each person who has been able to read the book insists more copies should be made and shared.
 I've also had the wonderful ability to share it in preschool and kindergarten classrooms with massive success. Children reacted positively during read aloud. Some wanted to keep the book and bring it home!
So, this is why I am here. I feel as though this book can make a massive difference in childhood classrooms. Allowing for inclusion and self-love. 
So, if I am able to obtain the total amount of $1,250 , I will use that money to order 50 solid print copies. Several copies will be donated to classrooms in need of books and resource reading centers. The remaining copies will be available for purchase on Amazon. 
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