This project has already launched.

To make the world a better place you have to take bold steps! Help us pave the way!

We need your support in helping us develop and produce cheap and life-saving PeacePavers: ordinary paving stones which can detect bombs and other explosives, to be placed in every public environment: airport, bus stop, underground entrance, sidewalk outside a public building, sidewalk outside your home etc. etc. 

Our aim in developing these tiles is first and foremost social: we want to save lives. This is why we urgently ask for your donation, so the tiles can be produced and distributed to high-risk areas as quickly as possible. We want this low-cost life-saving technology to be open source, so everybody can make use of it, wherever they are in the world.   

This is how it all started: With a background in printing logos and signs on paving stones, we invented a way to protect full-color prints from UV degradation using graphene. Graphene is a very versatile product, it has many potential uses. In our research into what is known about the functionality of graphene, we found that graphene printed sensors can detect explosives from up to 6 meters.  

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 In theory it should therefore be possible to print a paving stone with explosives detection print, and place it at every bus stop, entrance or doorway. We at PrintAgora are very motivated to prove our theory because we want to make the world a safer place. We think PrintAgora can do so because we are experts in making concrete paving stones with a print, and we managed to functionalize graphene as UV protection where most companies are still struggling to get to grips with graphene. We want to extend our lead and to take the functionalization of graphene to this next level. And save lives in the process. 

Graphene is very sensitive to any kind of energy. The landing of a single molecule of an explosive material on it's surface would look like throwing a rock in a pond. We have identified some ways to look for the splash and need to tune the components detecting the splash and relaying it to security and safety services to act upon the detection.

To produce the explosives detection paving stones, we are already connected with the right partners from universities and tech institutes around the world and we have identified the right components. We are at the stage where we have a shoe box full with components. But to make a prototype we need more funding to complete the puzzle. 

The challenge is on, please join us NOT having a blast!

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