PC gaming emulator Integrated into Retropie
PC gaming emulator Integrated into Retropie

This project has already launched.

Retropie is a great open source project which allows a user to make up his/her own all-in-one retro gaming console on energy efficient ARM-based devices like Raspberry Pi. 

Installing and playing Retropie you can enjoy the wide variety of games of different gaming consoles ever: Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation, Gameboy and much much more! 

So, to add to this great diversity of retro gaming the Eltechs team have decided to port old and medium age computer games directly to Retropie interface and they succeeded! 

Eltechs is a young high-tech software startup. We develop a binary translator that runs applications for the conventional “desktop” and server x86 processors on energy-efficient ARM CPU without recompilation. This, this software turned out to be a great Retropie emulator for Raspberry Pi which allowed not only to bring xWindows PC games to Raspberry Pi but also let gamers launch them directly for the EmulationStation front-end of Retropie. 

What games can you play such way? A lot of. We personally have tested such iconic masterpieces as Counter-Strike, Diablo II, Stronghold Crusader, Dune II, Fallout, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Might and Magic 6, Caesar 3, Disciples II etc.

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