PayNShow Is Going to Revolutionize the Way We Shop!
PayNShow Is Going to Revolutionize the Way We Shop!

- PayNShow -

Launching on Monday 4/14/14




About PayNShow

It's a brand new application (patent pending) that captures your latest store receipt info and shares images of the products you buy, automatically via social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and many more...

The videos in the fundraising campaign and on our website - - are a rendering of how PayNShow will work and what PayNShow will look and feel like. After development is complete, the final look and feel will of course be very different (and extremely cool)! We look forward to your feedback. 


                       How PayNShow Works (Simplified)

                                                      1) Sign Up!

                                                      2) Go Shopping!

                                                      3) Choose to Get Receipt via Email

                                                           And that's it!



                      How PayNShow Works (Detailed) 

Just download the PayNShow app to your iPhone or Android phone. Then sign up, create an account, and provide information such as your email address. 

The email address you provide is the same email address you provide any store when you choose to receive your sales receipt via email.

Now you go to the mall and pick out a new shirt, sweater, and jeans at one of your favorite stores such as Hollister or Guess (for example).  A person can go to the mall (and not just the mall) and buy whatever they want - from electronics to clothing and anything in between.

As you check out and make your payment, the choice for how you would like your sales receipt appears on the payment terminal. One of the choices is to receive your receipt via email, so you choose this option.

More and more stores are offering this option since it saves money and is eco-friendly (no more rolls of receipt paper).  Never lose a receipt again! Eliminates the Need for Scanning!

                                          Its a win - win for everyone!       

Before the images are uploaded to your Facebook account or some other social media platform, you will have the option of allowing the pictures to be uploaded or not. You can choose to allow them to be shared or just keep the receipt and images stored in your PayNShow account.

Almost instantly, PayNShow receives a duplicate of the receipt you requested to be sent via e-mail, then, using special software, looks for the product codes within the receipt, searches the store's website or product database and retrieves pictures related to the product codes (such as those commonly referred to as barcodes, sku, upc, etc.), and then uploads the pictures of all the items you just bought to your Facebook page. Please see demonstration video for more details.

Now when your friends click on any one of the pictures of the products seen on your Facebook page, they will be taken to A graphic that looks like a receipt appears with the product codes (ie: barcodes, sku, upc, etc., but no price information), regardless of how you actually paid for the products.
Now, your friends know what you bought.  That's not all, they can even load into a shopping basket one or all of the items you bought and ask where online (or offline) they can buy them too!




PayNShow is Going to Revolutionize the Way We Shop

 & Automatically Save our Receipts

  • Never lose a Receipt Again!

  • Totally Eliminates the Need for Scanning!

  • Share pictures of what you buy without taking pictures.


First Version of PayNShow

The first version of PayNShow will be simple to use, but extremely exciting. We want to make it super easy to learn and use. Any time a new product is introduced, it should be extremely functional, but with a small learning curve, if any at all. In other words, it should be intuitive.

Future Revisions of PayNShow

 Future versions of PayNShow will include

  • Expanding the number of social media sites PayNShow will be compatible with

  • The option to show the price paid for the items purchased

  • The option to show where the products were purchased

  • The option for allowing the product pictures to disappear from the user's PayNShow display page after a preset amount of time (similar effect to SnapChat)

  • The ability to customize or alter pictures of the products purchased

  • Will include an IM (Instant Messaging) feature   

If you have a suggestion for a special feature or function you would like for us to incorporate into the next or future revisions of PayNShow, we want you to let us know.

 A Dream Come True        

This drive is all about making a dream come true. It’s that simple. Having big ideas sometimes means having a big wallet – something neither I, nor my family or friends have. Now that we have crowdfunding, dreams can come true and I hope you will be a part of mine.

Contributors will be funding more than just a dream. You will be a part of something enormous and something that will make a difference. You'll be part of making history.

In today’s world, everything happens so fast. The ability to instantly share what interests us while making life easier, I think is so important. I hope you do too. 

Making A Difference

Perhaps you don’t have the ability to contribute money, but that doesn't mean you can’t help. Please get the word out to all of your friends and family. Tell everyone you can – and don’t forget about the Indiegogo share tools to help do it.    We welcome you to be part of this journey and connecting with us as we make connecting with each other a whole new experience!  Thank you. 


Thank You for Being Part of Our Exciting Journey Together and Your Help as PayNShow Makes History & Takes Shopping to a Whole New Level!

    We Appreciate Your Support!

Never Underestimate YOUR Significance - Every bit Helps!


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