Patti Smith by Hanekroot
Patti Smith by Hanekroot

This project has already launched.

The book "Patti Smith by Hanekroot", made of the photo shoot in my studio in Amsterdam, 1976. Book design: -SYB- (Sybren Kuiper).

October 1976, Amsterdam, Berenstraat 18. Patti Smith `did` Europe. Performances and promotion of her new album, Radio Ethiopia. The record company called me, if I wanted to do a photo shoot. There was one hour scheduled. And so it happened. Both Patti Smith and I worked very hard. I did not have much contact with her, but we both went on professionally and the result is, if I may say so myself, amazing. Especially when you look back now, forty years later. And especially when Dutch award winning designer -SYB-, Sybren Kuiper has made this photo book.

You can now subscribe to Patti Smith by Hanekroot, which will be published in limited editions. You can buy a signed book (51-150). Or a signed book including the photograph of Patti Smith, limited edition, 1-50, signed, 30 x 40 cm Hahnemühle 270 grams Velvet White archival paper.

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