Patch the World
Patch the World

Who We Are

We sell patches to provide micro loans to aspiring entrepreneurs in India. Why micro loans? Well, it's as the old adage says, "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach him how to fish..." You get the idea. We want to not only teach people how to fish but provide them with the equipment to fish. What use after all would knowing how to fish be if you didn't have a pole and bait to fish with? This is where the patches come in.

Why Patches?

Patches? Why patches? Is this boy scouts or something?  No, we just caught onto the trend that patches are cool! Rather than rep your brother's old boy scout patch, we want the patches you attach to your bag, jacket, or hat to make a difference.  A patch is cool, but a patch that helps change lives is even cooler. When you buy a patch from Patch the World, your purchase funds a specific micro loan for someone in India. Someone who has an idea, but just needs a little money to get things started. 

Our First Project

Kudichintala Bailu is a remote town in central India. No functioning school exists in this or any surrounding villages. Recently Vamsi, a man from a nearby city, organized a school in the village.  He named the school Children of the Forest and is using an old abandoned building to house the school. Through the sale of our first patches we will provide Vamsi with enough money to hire a teacher for the school. 

Our Patch Design for Vamsi’s Cause


What You Can Do to Help

We recently ordered our first shipment of 500 patches.  We now need your support to get the funding necessary to provide Vamsi the loan he needs to get Children of the Forest up and running. Sign up to be first in line to purchase a patch or donate to our launch at


insta: @patchtheworld






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