Pastel the Sugar Tiger Plushie
Pastel the Sugar Tiger Plushie

This project has already launched.


What is Sugar Lagoon?

 Sugar Lagoon is a small indie business that has been creating colorful accessories and bath and body products since 2013. We've recently taken our brand in a different direction, debuting original characters featured on charms, jewelry, apparel and more. With your help we will release some super cute plushies, purr-fect for hugging. 

The brand name comes from the place that our characters reside, The Sugar Lagoon. A candy coated wonderland complete with animal companions and hidden surprises. The Sugar Lagoon exists in the imagination of our characters, everyday domestic animals that day dream of fantastic adventures together.

What is a Sugar Tiger anyway?

These playful felines are often found prowling through the grasses, looking for something to munch on. No cookie, candy or treat is safe from their reach! The favored feast of these colorful kitties is star candy, the dust that falls from shooting stars or that is sometimes left behind when the Cat-stelations tidy the heavens.

Star candies resemble their larger namesakes, little bitty stars that fall to the earth and are then gathered by the Sugar Tigers. Every shade of the rainbow can be found in these glittering bits, and the colors of the stripes of the Sugar Tiger is a representation of their favorite star candy flavor and their personality.

Who is Pastel?

Pastel the Sugar Tiger is a kitten with a unique coloration to her stripes. Her playful and comical antics are reflected in her rainbow coat. She does not have one favorite star candy or one favorite color, she loves them all. Being unique and diverse is a gift!  She has a passion and curiosity for life, and those bright colored stripes showcase her purr-sonality well.

Pastel enjoys stargazing, her friends are the Cat-stellations, and she dreams of one day finding her purpose. For now, she can only dream of one day joining them and finding her place among the stars. Her best friend, Galacat, paints the sky with wondrous colors and Pastel spends hours just watching her masterpiece. Stay strong, little one. Be true to yourself and one day, you'll reach those stars!

Why Pastel?

Pastel is a fan favorite, and one of our personal favorites. She is diverse and fearless, and she reminds us to embrace our differences. Why fit in when you can stand out? She has appeared on wallets, charms and jewelry and is our number one request to bring to life as a plushie. 

Her creation process has been years in the making, and her concept was brought to life this summer when her idea was first sketched, then refined and finally sent in for plush prototyping. 

Why Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a great platform to fund our goal. We hope to be able to reach our goal and perhaps even our stretch goal, to add another Sugar Lagoon fan favorite to the plushie line. This is a great way to fund the plushie and get Pastel to our fans faster. It will also allow us to give a Kickstarter special price to backers for the plush, as well as ship directly to them when production is complete. That will reduce the need for storage space and wait times for the plushie arrival to the arms of their new owners!

 So, why $7,000?

The minimum quantity for the order is 500, this goal will fund the plushies, shipping, rewards and fees. This is the minimum needed to bring this dream to life.


Let's be honest, everyone loves rewards! Here are what you'll be getting for becoming a Star Supporter. You're awesome!

Downloadable coloring page - art still in creation! 

A super cute coloring page of Pastel not available anywhere else!

Kickstarter Exclusive Art for acrylic pin and Tshirt. 

This super cute design will not be available anywhere else, so grab it while you can!

Pastel Plushie, of course!

Pastel Sparkle Art Print 

Personalized prints will be signed and numbered, as well as personalized with your name or a small message of your choice. The print itself has a sparkly holographic effect.

 Pastel Necklace and Lanyard

A super cute necklace and lanyard, featuring Pastel in her side glance happy pose, as seen above.

 Custom and GIANT custom Sugar Tiger

You dream it, we will create it together! Extremely limited edition, not available any other way!

Custom Sugar Tiger feature in our upcoming book.

Your Sugar Tiger character brought to life and written in the pages of our book, as well as your name featured in our contributor section of the book credits. Wow! Extremely limited edition, no other way to get this!

 If we go above and beyond our goal, there are some fantastic surprises in store! More will be added as needed - we're working on some super special stretch goal rewards!

Galacat Plushie - Unlocks at $12k

Who is Galacat?

The Guardian of the Galaxy, the painter of the heavens. Galacat is another fan favorite, and we have already prototyped her, though she will have a few revisions before final product. She's ready to come home with Pastel!

We will reveal more about this galactic feline when she is unlocked! Stay tuned!


We have more stretch goals to finalize and add as time goes on, so be sure to check back!

 As always, we are extremely thankful for you, our fans! You guys are amazing. Your love and support helps us grow, and your feedback helps us move forward with bigger and better things. Give yourselves a round of applause, you are all super stars!




Risks and challenges

Our challenges are generally time related. We are allowing for plenty of time for production and shipping to us for quality control, before we can ship them to all of our Star Supporters.

We are working with our manufacturer to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, but as with every group effort project, there may be some unexpected delays. Shipping or production delays are possible, however unlikely. In the event of any delay we will bring you updates, and as always we are available to talk to at any time. Question or concern? We're here for you!

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