PassZwiepe - Use your finger swipe as your password
PassZwiepe - Use your finger swipe as your password

This project has already launched.

Passwords suck. But they are a fact of modern life. What’s even worse is that security experts say you should create unique passwords for every site so if one login is compromised all of your information is not available to hackers. Password managers are a great for those who want to protect their online identity. But they still require that you remember a master password which can been forgotten or forced from you. We think there is a better way.

We are building a convenient password manager that doesn't need a password, just a flick across your smartphone's screen to makeall of your passwords available. Now you can keep all of your security information on your phone securely even if it is lost or stolen. Now you can have different passwords for each of your sites and limit the fall out of all too frequent security breaches like the heartbleed bug or the latest eBay breach.

Using Zighra's human kenetics authentication technology, we are creatinga unique mobile app for both iOS and Android to store all your passwords. This patented technology doesn’t require swiping in complex patterns, instead you train the app to uniquely identify you with a quick swipe across the screen. You don't need to remember a master password or expensive additional hardware.

We secure all of the information with 256 bit AES encryption using the KeePass backend. Since we are using the KeePass file format, you can access your passwords on other KeePass applications on your PC, Mac or Linux computers.

Strong password security has never been so easy. We have a simple goal of creating a password manager app that is so convenient that everyone can use it without having to remember anything.

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