Passport Language Immersion
Passport Language Immersion

Passport provides worldwide co-op language learning games. It was born from education and computer science masters' theses and grew through extensive testing. All language learning pains are empirically resolved. First and foremost, extensive research shows that the fastest and most effective way to learn a foreign language is to spend the most time as possible speaking with natives. Passport is built to enhance face to face interaction between international peers learning each other languages. Other services do this, though, so what sets Passport apart? A few things:

SCHEDULING: Passport offers users the social media elements of friendlists and messaging for users to collect the connectivity options of people they like. Passport also offers "speed sessions" during periods when none of a user's friends are online. "Speed sessions" are rotations of 10-minute activity periods with native users of one's target language. Passport users are given the option to move to the next person or stay with them when the 10-minutes are up and do as many rounds as they want. It's a seemless, low-stress, and effective system for people to find friends. The scheduling system on other services really require a lot of people. (1) You have to browse the profiles of other users, (2) send them an invitation to meet, (3) wait to find out if they see your invitation, (4) make sure you both have a time that works for each other, (5) and then you take the risk on whether you're compatible learning peers or not.

ALL AUDIENCES: Passport has a version for 8-15 year olds and 13+ up, so parents are able to manage their children's usage through their account settings and to keep the adult and kiddy pools separate for safety.

Here is the prototype we built July of 2013. It's come a long way since then. Our alpha version will be complete June 26th!

Here are pictures of the alpha version coming out soon!

Languages and regions of focus:

Passport session language breakdown:
Users will be using each language 50% of the time and will follow the screen prompts to follow when each language is spoken.

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