Party Tray
Party Tray

This project has already launched.

This object of design, arises from the need to combine function, aesthetics and practicality, for all thosepeople who do not want to miss an object unique, economical and practical..
               OOPS-PARTY in designed for comfortable meals, drinks, social events and whereto taste the delicious banquet, strictly standing.
            How many times have we asked ourselves faced with a buffet, how to take once the pot, cup, fork, spoon, napkin ....?
               The solution is OOPS-PARTY, a dish unique, practical, light, cheap and functional!.

It is a new concept of tray to get food standing up.

            How many time in front of a buffet we are in difficult to bring glass, fork, spoon, plate?

This is the solution: OOPS-PARTY.

            This is unique because you can use for meetings, events, every kind of party.

            Could be used at the stadium to get a good meal, to the cinema, while you are seeing a good movie or at your home with your family while you are on the sofà watching Tv.

            There are many solution to use it, from the beach to the theatre, from barbecue to street food, from take away food to pic-nic...and every time you want to use a unique object design, take OOPS-PARTY in your hand.

            You can personalize OOPS-PARTY with your brand and color to advise your company, event and meeting and every time that you want surprise your friends with good and innovative object.

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