Parral dev board
Parral dev board

This project has already launched.

A beginner breadboard-friendly development board designed for use it with solderless breadboard and compatible with Blocklyprop

Parral Dev Board is an open source breadboard friendly development board based on the powerful P8X32A 32-Bits 8-core microcontroller, Parral Dev Board provide you of a friendly design to allow you to use it on a breadboard In the easiest way possible and provide you of a complete  3.3v or 5v at 1amp selectable power supply.


You can do everything you imagine with a powerful platform the possibilities are endless and with a friendly design and a complete onboard power supply Anyone can learn easily with a open source platform to start in the maker world

We built Parral to make a powerful  platform more  easier to use. That's why Parral dev board is totally open source. This means all hardware design files schematic, PCB layout and bill of materials are free for you the community to download, modify and use.╭( ・ㅂ・)و

Parral is a small computer that anyone can use to control things around them. Its C compiler gives you instant feedback so that you can experiment and develop whatever your level of experience. Even if you can’t program, you can still get started quickly with Blocklyprop, the Web-based graphical code editor!

Parral dev board was designed to allow for simple and fast microcontroller prototyping on a breadboard and reduce the number of needed jumper wires, which is supported by an onboard 3.3V and 5V-selectable power supply.

  • Removable P8X32A 8-core 32 bits microcontroller system with 512KB EEPROM and 5 MHz oscillator.
  • Micro-B USB connector for powering, programming, and communication
  • Open source BlocklyProp, C, Spin, and assembly language programming tools
  • Additional LEDs indicate power and TX/RX communication
  • Tiny edge-mounted reset button to restart the microcontrolle without disconnecting
  • Safety 500ma Fuse
  • Two Tiny edge-mounted built-in, user-programmable Buttons
  • Two built-in, user-programmable LEDs
  • 3.3v/5v selectable Power Supply
  • Protoboard friendly design
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