Parket Inc.
Parket Inc.

This project has already launched.

We are trying to create a user-based app that allows drivers and riders to report parking officials, two trucks & hit and runs in an area. This app helps drivers in familiar and unfamiliar cities understand where they can and can't park at certain times of the day. As a driver, you can also see where there are active amounts of parking officials that are writing out parking tickets so that you can avoid parking there illegally or over your time limit. The same goes for tow trucks. This app will especially be helpful to those that do not obtain parking passes or just go into a store or business for a few minutes hoping their car doesn't get ticketed or towed.

By raising these funds, we will find a developer to create this app so that we can get it out to users. The funds will also go towards funding our marketing campaign, this includes paying for ad placements on social media sites and sponsoring events to get our name out there. The rest of the funding will go towards legal work such as paying for an LLC and also patenting our software so that other companies cannot copy what we are doing.

We have already spread the word throughout the Old Dominion University campus by attending entrepreneurship events and also passing flyers, posting on social media, and much more.We have also spread the word around the Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia area by hosting a fundraiser at Chipotle where we raised over $400. We also have an event scheduled on September 26th, 2017 where we will be able to raise money to create the app.

The risks and challenges we have are getting people to download and actively use the app. We can overcome that by providing rewards to users to time and time provide accurate reports. This helps the entire community because the more accurate reports there are, the more users trust the app and advise their friends/families to use the app. Users win by decreasing their chances of getting ticketed or towed, and we win by gaining more and more active users.

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