Pariah Missouri Complete Hardcover Collection
Pariah Missouri Complete Hardcover Collection

Monday July 18, we launch the final Kickstarter for the completed saga of the Supernatural Fronteir story, Pariah Missouri.

LOGLINE:  Pariah, Missouri is a riverboat boom-town and haven for the unscrupulous.  The charismatic and foppish cheat, Hiram Buchanan is an undercover spy who creates a rag-tag team to ferret out evil, both an underground crime syndicate and the supernatural.

What we've been doing

It has taken the team 4 years and many conventions to bring this series to you.  It was selected as the Staff Pick by Diamond distribution in July's catalog.  The Director's Hardcover and the Role-playing game Sourcebook will NOT be sold at retail stores.  You can only get it on this Kickstarter or face-to-face. 

The Team

Pariah, Missouri was created, written and colored by Andres Salazar.  Andres studied under Howard Chaykin for a brief time in Ventura, CA.  He's been researching and writing Pariah, Missouri for 4 years.  Artist Jose Pescador studied at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He is a professional fine artist, has shown fine art in galleries across the globe and his work is amazing! These two gentlemen are committed to the project, work hard and will not let you down!

This will be out LAST Kickstarter, we are concluding the saga and now you can get jump in and get the entire story in one book.


  • 340 pages, full color
  • The entire saga, all 3 trades
  • Extra scenes and design features

Some of our Rewards (many more on the Kickstarter)

Please join is Monday July 18th for an exciting crowdfunding campaign!  Let's ride out to the sunset, one last time!





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