Parched Lotion Stick
Parched Lotion Stick


Parched is a clean water project that fundraises through the sale of its solid lotion sticks. $1 from each lotion stick accounts for 200 days of clean water for a person in remote Africa.


Parched works through the Africa Heartwood Project to coordinate and implement new water systems. Some funds are also used for the maintenance of previously installed wells in need of repair.


Currently, Parched is preparing for its initial IndieGoGo launch in September/October 2015. You can check out for up to date information or to pledge and give the 200 days of clean water.


In addition to supporting an awesome clean water cause, you get an awesome lotion stick. You buy lotion anyway, why not give it a try. See why many people now prefer Parched over their traditional lotion.


A few benefits: Parched pinpoints dry skin areas, helps with eczema, is small and convenient, stows well, travels, and has a subtle natural fragrance suitable for men, women, and children.


It is ideal for dry skin, eczema, sunburns, scrapes, chaffing, and other skin needs. Take Parched to work, while rock climbing or playing sports, while traveling, or other times you need skin related relief.


Check our project out. Together we can moisturizer Africa.


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