parasolka / unisex kids attire
parasolka / unisex kids attire

This project has already launched.

parasolka is a unisex range of clothing for BABY & CHILD ... using vintage cuts, traditional techniques and natural materials.  I wanted to create clothing that lasts beyond our growing children ... timeless functional attire full of the memories of play, heirlooms are passed down with love 

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parasolka was started by Polish / New Zealand born costume designer Dorotka Sapinska ... the 1st range, a line of 100% cashmere sweaters and cardigans were hand knitted in New York with love in an effort to promote "hand-made" techniques & craft

The purpose of this campaign is to fund a small production run of the NEW RANGE that will be sold on a new e-commerce site 6 styles

NEW range of vintage style waistcoat, pants and overalls with 100% chambray cotton, beautiful topstitch detail & custom hardware & buttons

 CHILD RANGE:  there are 3 styles in the CHILD range below

 BABY RANGE: there are 3 styles in the BABY range below that echo the stitching patterns of the CHILD range


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Whether you are a mum or dad, grandma or grandpa ... or just that amazing person who loves to give beautiful gifts to those you love

there is something for everyone  ...  & sizes go up to 12 years !


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