Paraphilia Truth or Dare
Paraphilia Truth or Dare


Pre-purchasing on Kickstarter will be the ONLY way to receive a copy of the game before Valentines Day 2017!!!!

Paraphilia Truth or Dare is a card game where the intent is to break down barriers when it comes to hidden desires in a relationship, while appealing to all genders and orientations

It encourages experimentation with a partner through friendly competition, with the rules allowing both players to express themselves through the cards they choose before the game begins.

This is the first bedroom game that follows the model of customization based on each person's likes, while continuing onward with expansions to cater to as many kinks as possible. The most important things to keep in mind while designing the game were as follows: 


1.) Keep it simple.

A game with sex as the main focus needs to be simple to setup and play. With this game, first time setup takes minutes, with games after that taking seconds, by players choosing their cards in advance.


2.) Create a no-stress atmosphere.

The game is designed to build friendly tension around properly managing your Safety Cards (limited cards that allow you to counter an opponent's play), and risk. 

Nobody should feel forced into performing an action, but both players should feel encouraged to have fun with their partner. The person that performs the most actions and amasses the most Kink Points will get to play their Victory card at the end of the game.

This means that no matter what, both players end up doing things that they want during the course of the game. 

Truth, Dare, and Safety (Top-to-Bottom) 
Truth, Dare, and Safety (Top-to-Bottom)



This project began as an idea roughly 3 years ago upon realizing that while there seemed to be scattered table-top games with eroticism as the main focus, there were none that attempted to be both all-inclusive and customizable. Many of them consisted of almost lazily thrown together idea cards, or clearly focused on a specific orientation, with cards that wouldn't work unless the people playing it "fit the bill", so to speak. At the same time, many of these games tended to get boring after the gimmick wore off. 

There are also no games on the market that follow an expansion model when it comes to different fetishes that all work with the same base game. This is the first of its kind. 

I thought to myself about the reason for this, and about the type of game that my fiancé and I wish existed;  PToD was born.     


Today, I have the chance to complete my original idea and provide what I believe has the potential to become a bedroom staple. It is meant to be flexibleengaging, and provides a unique experience that one cannot get outside of the game. 

So the question remains, How will I accomplish this? 

1.) Competition

In this game, you are competing for Kink Points. (KP for short.) The Truth or Dare cards you choose to perform each have their own KP value. When the game ends, the person with the most KP gets to have the loser perform their chosen Victory card put aside at the start. Kink Points also have various uses as well throughout the course of the game. (I state a few times in the rules how consent is always the most important factor, and game rules are no excuse for breaking it.)

Encouragement through reward, not by punishment. 

2.) Customization

The rules of the game have both players choose 15 Truth or Dare (ToD for short) cards that they personally want to be part of the current game, without revealing those choices to the other player. Both players put these cards into a single shared deck. 

This creates excitement at seeing what cards your partner put in, as each individual's desires are made known through their choices, not in advance due to common knowledge of the deck's default contents like other, similarly themed games.

No two games are the same. (Unless you want them to be!)

3.) Safety Cards

Safety Cards add a third dimension to regular Truth or Dare. Each person starts out with 5 of them to use throughout the course of the game. They are played as a response to ToD cards that your opponent plays. Some allow you to negate the action, while others allow you to turn it on your opponent instead! These create room for strategy and interaction, something that normally does not exist with this type of game. 

4.) Expansions

There will be expansion sets that cater to different fetishes. Similar to other popular card games, it will be possible to freely use any card from any expansion in a game. Each individual's deck will reflect their true desires, and combining these decks together will have people play the game to discover new things about themselves, and each other. The Base Set has some really risque cards, but nothing so extreme that goes into specific fetish territory. Perfect for people that want to see what the game is about!


It is my hope, that this game will promote open-mindedness, and let people try things they might not have thought would be fun otherwise. It is also my hope that couples who have difficulty keeping things interesting will be able to make use of this game to keep the passion alive. 

Every single card is well thought out to be fun for any person to have in their hand and play. You will not find gender or orientation specific cards. 








This Kickstarter will provide the necessary funding to get this game out into retail, and allow me and my fiance to work full time on giving this game the love and care that it needs to make it something truly special. 

This game is already in the final stages. All of the cards for the Base Set are finished, with minor edits based off of feedback being made at times. I want to launch this product with at least two expansions also ready for retail, as having options at the start is very important. If this Kickstarter is successfully funded, I will be able to work full-time on the game to deliver it before Valentines Day 2017.


$5 | Curious - PToD: Print & Play Version

A link to the Print & Play version will be sent to those that backed in at the $5 level at least! It contains all cards for the Base Set, full-color. 

$20 | Kinky - PToD Base Set

$20 | Kinky - !! Valentine's Special !!

For those that are buying the game for a special someone as a surprise, select this reward level to message us with a custom note that will be placed on a section of our site devoted to those backers getting it as a Valentines Gift. 

((Inform us if you prefer to be listed as Anonymous on the site, or if you wish to use a Nickname instead of your actual name.))

Extra Reward Tier #1 (Stretch Goal) - ???


Extra Reward Tier #2 (Stretch Goal) - ???


$99 | Specific Needs - !! Designer Special !!

Contact us, and we'll talk in complete confidence about your kinks and how we can put some cards you would love into the game. Not only that, but you receive the Base Set + 2 Expansions (When released) + Free Shipping



-- There are many ideas for Stretch Goals, and some will only be revealed upon reaching them! --

  • $15,000 - ???
  • $17,000 - ???
  • $20,000 - Metallic Ink on the Heart Mirrors. We'll add a beautiful Metallic Ink effect on the Heart Mirror graphic on the box for the Base Set of the game, whether it ends up being the upgraded Two-Piece box below, or the original Tuck Box design.
  • $22,000 - Box Upgrade. We'll upgrade the box to a Two-Piece box with alternate artwork. This will make for easier separation and organization of card types and components.
  • $25,000 - ???
  • $32,000 - Extra Reward Tier #1 - ???
  • $42,000 - Extra Reward Tier #2 - ???

Updates and Where to Follow Us

Current progress will be posted in the Updates section to keep all backers informed of the current state of the game. Not only that, but here's a list of where you can find us on social media, in order of Most Active to Least Active:

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Please, share this project wherever you can if you love the idea, game, and message to reach the funding goal and beyond! 


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