PARADICE PALASE - Show #2 - Body Farm
PARADICE PALASE - Show #2 - Body Farm

This project has already launched.

About this project

We successfully funded our first show Paradise Express back in May and it is on view in the gallery through June 25th! Feel free to check out our campaign for that here. After such a positive response from friends and family and steadily growing support from the community, we are excited to launch this second campaign in a series of six through June 2018.


Paradice Palase is an experiment in the community-supported gallery model. We curate bi-monthly exhibitions with affiliated programs including screenings, workshops, artist talks, performances and live music. We aim to give a platform for young, emerging, or underrepresented artists, broaden accessibility of the gallery experience through alternative means, and very importantly, get artists paid for their work. 

 For more information about our gallery model and our mission, please visit our website: 

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Body Farm embraces digital mediums as the catalyst for a secondary truth. How far does decomposition go before you can no longer recognize something? How far can something be warped and still we can identify? This group show features artists using digital means to explore their practices - included in the show are Wang “Frank” YefengJonathan SimsYaloo,Casey KauffmannMark "Digital" SabbJames Brehm, and Valery Estabrook

Programming TBA soon!


Through the Kickstarter we have begun to build custom collabs and exclusive items with exhibiting artists to be used as pledge items in each fundraiser. The budget being pledged on includes production and maintenance costs, administrative costs, and artist stipends. These costs are estimated according to the scale of each presentation. We create a support system for all artists involved and encourage "team effort" campaigning to get each show funded. Once reaching our goal, we begin production and advertising of the show, and you receive your reward within 2 months*

* we are a super small team of 2-3 people doing all this, so it takes a bit sometimes for us to get your rewards to ya, appreciate your patience!


$1800 - Production & Maintenance Costs -gallery repairs/maintenance, concessions for events, programming, marketing materials, and PARADICE PALASE merchandise 

$1900 - Artist Stipend (the more we earn past our goal, the more we can give to our artists!) - funds to make new work, travel/shipment costs, cover pledge item costs 

$1700 - Administrative Costs - maintenance of social media and marketing strategies, curator stipends, intern stipend 

$1600 - Costs and Fees -5% Kickstarter fee, sales tax, income tax, shipping pledges and artwork 


This is a great way to support a budding gallery, an alternative arts model, support emerging and underexposed artists, and become a collector in a small scale way! 

PARADICE PALASE is: an “artist-first” model dedicated to getting artists paid for their efforts, a curated series of topics for your consideration, an experiment in the strength of community-driven arts. We ask for your pledge because we believe in the support for the arts and want to bring that to a non-white-cube setting. 


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