Parade 100 Year Anniversary Performance
Parade 100 Year Anniversary Performance

This project has already launched.

The Ballets Russes originally premiered Parade in May 1917 at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris. Written as a surrealistic one-act play by poet Jean Cocteau, it is yet another one of the Ballets Russes' ballets that nearly gave rise to riot before the commotion was drowned out by exorbitant applause. The unorthodox compositions of Erik Satie, the mechanical and dehumanized Cubist costumes of Picasso and the deliberate irrational choreography of Léonide Messine, bringing the era's popular entertainment to the stage for the first time, was just too much for the audience and reviewers to stomach. 

Crazy riot-ensuing costumes, music and choreography? Count us in! We can't wait to bring this ballet back to the stage here in Dallas for its 100 year anniversary as part of our Dadaist spring program being held at the Dallas City Performance Hall in the Arts District, April 9, 2017. Our performance will include a live orchestra, thanks to SMU's ensemble  SYZYGY led by director, Lane Harder. SYZYGY performed with us last season during Masque of the Red Death at the Majestic Theatre. In addition, we have Texas and Mexico artist, Francisco Moreno, designing modernized costumes based on the originals by Picasso and influenced by today's pop culture.

The performance will also include new works set to French Dadaist compositions including IonisationBallet Mécanique and an original composition by Lane Harder entitled 391. New choreographers will be introduced to the Dallas community and the entire program will be performed live by SYZYGY, led by Hannah Threlkeld and SMU's percussion ensemble, led by Jon D. Lee. 

WHERE WILL YOUR DONATIONS GO? We cannot tell you how important every dollar donated is to this project. All money raised will directly influence the success of Parade. Costs include, but are definitely not limited to, theatre rental, dancer/artist stipends, costume/set materials and fabrication, and printed materials. 

Parade is an important force in history. It marked many firsts for the arts community and the Ballets Russes: the first time Picasso worked on a ballet; the first collaboration between Picasso and Satie; the first time a ballet has incorporated pop culture into the plot. We hope that by continuing our mission to collaborate with artists and musicians and bringing these unique ballets to life, we can help these masterpieces to live on. Thank you in advance for your contribution! 

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