Paper Cat
Paper Cat
Paper Cat is a game about Slick the cat and Frank his human, who loves him despite all the mess he make! It is a 2D platformer game that mixes exploration, puzzle, humor and a lot of trouble!
In Paper Cat you are Slick the Cat. Most cats are careful enough to don’t break things… but Slick is a clumsy one! 
Every night you go out chasing critters and breaking everything in the way. But don't make too much noise or you will awake Frank. He lives in an antique shop and his mansion receives new exotic objects every day. 
Get access to new rooms, discover special items and... break huge objects in chain reactions. See the hilarious reactions of Frank and even reach the moon with the pile of debris that you will create!

This is Slick, the Paper Cat! 

Frank loves him but 

Slick likes trouble, chase critters, break things


  • Stealth CATastrophy, try to break things without making too much noise!
  • Chase small Critters 
  • Explore and get access the all mansion rooms
  • Solve puzzles to break huge objects or trap the critters you are chasing
  • Procedurally generated rooms and puzzles, every night is different!
  • Hilarious reactions and funny dreams activated by the mess you make
  • Find helpful items and customize your cat 
  • Bonus One Button Cat Friendly Minigames 
  • Make enough trouble and reach the moon, the special bonus level

Stealth CATastrophy

  • Chase and break things every night, but don’t make too much noise! 
  • Night is over if you make too much noise 
  • You stand still and the dog starts barking 
  • Time expires and alarm rings in the morning


  • Run, Jump, Grab/throw  


  • Try to access new areas, break bigger things, find helpful items  
  • Every night every room changes


  • Temporary items that helps you go further
  • Sound Fader  
  • Dog Bone  
  • Alarm Auto Snooze  
  • Ninja Cat Boots   

Can you reach the moon?  

  • Use broken furniture as stairs to the moon
  • Can you reach it before the moon changes?   

Plataform puzzles  

  • Pick the best path, break things in the right order or awake Frank earlier 
  • Step on breakable objects to reach higher places 
  • Make chain reactions to reach far away critters and break bigger objects!


  • Find new customization items hidden inside the furniture and objects


  • See hilarious exaggerated Frank’s reactions while he contemplates the caos!
  • Provoke some and funny nightmares by doing special noises! 

Bonus Minigames (Stretch Goal)  

  • Unlock Cat Minigames scattered in the rooms  
  • One button Minigames, let your cat play too!
  • Cardboard Car Bonus Smash  
  • Whack a Rat Fly Chaser  
  • Woll Ball Bowling  
  • Unroll Toilet Paper  

Bosses (Stretch Goal)

  • Beat animals and critters bosses to keep Frank sleeping  
  • Prevent the bosses from making to much noise  
  • Use the objects to trap and hit them!

The Project

We currently working on the prototype of the game and we expect to have a demo between one to two months. The playable alpha version of the game should be done by November. In late December we’ll launch the game for early access users.

The complete version of the game will be released at April 2016. All the Physical rewards will ship right after the release at May 2016. That includes t-shirts, papercrafts, etc.

We are a brazilian indie studio called Ilusis.  
We have been making games since 2008. During these years we created games for Android, iOS, PC, PSP, PSVita, PS3, PS4 and Web. We also earned some great awards like JogosBR, BRGames, Best Mobile Game at Brasil Game Show with Skyrise Runner game and the chinese Golden Plume Award with SocceR10. Our latest game is Krinkle Krusher, the first brazilian game for PS4 that is also avaliable for PS3 and PSVita.
Today we are a small team of 8 experient and passionate about creating games. We had worked in partneship with Square Enix before and actually we are Sony and Microsoft licenced developers. Our games were showcased in a lot events including Game Developers Conference, E3, Game Connection, Brasil Game Show, Brazilian Indie Game Festival and Tokyo Game Show.

It's cool to have a pet right?! The puppies are so cute! It is so fun to play with them... but they are no toys... they are for real. And they may make a lot of mess, and requires your care, attention and education.

They grow, sometimes much more than we imagined. They also may become bad-tempered... Some people cannot deal with these situations and chose to abandon them in the streets.

The predicantment of homeless animals in Brazil is is a public health problem. Dogs and cats are left to survive in the streets, becoming skinny, dirty, hungry and sick... often invisible to the eyes of the society. This happens until they are collected and sent to the Zoonosis Control Centers where they are, most often, sacrificed.

The NGO Teia de Textos along with the Belo Horizonte city prefecture work to change this situation. The animals collected are treated and may find a new home at the pet adoption fairs.

Program Adote um Amigo (Adopt a Friend)
Program Adote um Amigo (Adopt a Friend)

We will help this project by donating 5% of the game sale profits. This percentage will rise if we reach the stretch goals. This extra percentage will be donated to a NGO choosen by the backers!

Keep a small studio running isn’t easy. It took a lot of time working at other projects until we have enough resources to create and release Krinkle Krusher in a indepent way. We have some great game concepts here at Ilusis, some we always wanted to work on, but first we need to make sure you guys want to play it. And we also need the resources to make it.

We believe in Paper Cat so much that we wanted to show it to everyone. Backing our project is the best way to show that you like it. The money will help to cover our expenses and make sure we can focus on the project to make as great as it can be!  

Your support is very important to motivate us and open new doors for the project! 

 Social channels

Risks and challenges

Making digital games isn’t an easy task and always involves some risks. But we gone trough a lot since we started 2008 and we are sure we can manage then. Afterall we started from passion that made us reach a wide range of console, pc and mobile platforms… things that were just dreams when we started.

In this journey of creating Paper Cat we want to have a lot of feedback from you guys. We'll will keep the backers informed about the progress of development with monthly updates. We have a lot of experience with cartoon visuals and arcade gameplay featured in Paper Cat. We will develop using Unity 3D, which we already used in a dozen of projects before.

The physical goods will be a challenge to us, as we don’t have much experience about it. We want to deliver every reward with the same quality of the virtual goods we create in the game. For doing so we will partner up with t-shirt printing companies and logistics to make sure everyone get your reward!

Paper Cat is also our first game on Steam. We are already working to make it go trough Greenlight and there are also some publishers already interessed in the game that may help us.

About the donation to the Animals Non Profit Organizations we plan to make it the most transparent possible as it is also important to us.

We hope you join us and make our dream come true! 

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