This project has already launched.

Pandorama, is a clothing brand that was developed with the goal of helping conserve the environment and animals in danger of extinction. Moreover, the brand secondary purpose is to provide high fashion clothing with the most advance techniques at the price of a medium standard brand. We believe that clothing brands should help the environment an not just harm it. Pandorama, wants to create a foundation to promote the acquisition of more natural reserves for animals in danger of extinction and a research center for developing immediate solution for the natural environment, global warming and the extinction of living crucial organisms.

All brand designs are inspired by the natural world that surrounds us. The totality of the prints in the prototypes are photos taken personally by the designer and founder Ricardo Font. Every single design is made from landscapes an captures in nature. We also want to make all kind of products for enjoying outdoors specially build for the conservation of nature to maximize joy and awareness.

We will change the way we dress skins. No more hunting for animal skin textures and finish now that we will work on replicate them without harming them but instead helping them prevail.

Animals in danger of extinction:
Its is estimated that 150 species of animals are spread each day, this means that 54,750 species of animal disappear each year. In the Earth, there are around 5 millions different species among the animal kingdom, calculating 1% of all species are extinguished annually. Pandorama will take care about the conservation of species and the natural environment. PANDORAMA, will create a cloth line with a special environmentalists concept, allowing it to be return for cash, recycled or be converted in reward points to shop in the brand or donate it to a cause. This materials are made special for sublimation style printing that makes the fabric "stain" absorbing the color completely and making it durable and vibrant after several washes and for much longer than other processes. Sublimation is the most advance and durable technology when it comes to printing fabrics. This is a product meant to prevail.


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