Palm Island - Portable Card Game
Palm Island - Portable Card Game

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Palm Island is a game that you can take anywhere. Sitting, standing, waiting, riding, flying, relaxing, alone or together you can play Palm Island, no table required.  


Using a deck-transforming mechanic, a player uses just 17 cards over 8 rounds to shape their island and overcome its unique challenges. Store resources to pay for upgrades and upgrade buildings to access new abilities. Each decision you make will alter your village from round to round. Complete your objectives within 8 rounds and calculate your score.  Palm Island is a solo game with multiplayer variants. The game comes with enough cards for 2 players but multiple games can be combined to support even more.


Each card has 4 states. As you proceed through the game, you may upgrade cards by rotating or flipping them. 


These actions change the card for the rest of the game and can help you gain more resources or victory points. 


Using the same 17 cards each round, you will upgrade your deck and shape your own village. 

Learn more about how to play with the Palm Island Rulebook.


2 player decks of 17 cards each 
3 Feat Cards (double-sided providing 6 Feats for solo play) 
3 Disasters (Co-op cards)
5 Villager Cards (Competitive Cards) 
1 box 
1 Rulebook
















Check out the Palm Island BGG page here.



 Base Game $16 - This includes one copy of the base version of Palm Island with all stretch goals.  

All-Weather Version 18$ - This includes an all-weather version of Palm Island including Plastic cards and a plastic box as well as all stretch goals.  

Additional copy addon $14/$16 - For an additional copy of the base game, add $14. For an additional copy of the all-weather version of the game, add $16. Additional shipping is not required. Please contact us for orders over 4 copies.  

Magnetic Flap Box Add-On $3 - This is for All-Weather pledges who wish to have the magnetic flap box in addition to their pledge. Add $3 to your all-weather pledge to receive the magnetic flap cardboard box.

Retailers, please contact


 We are offering free shipping to the USA with discounted shipping to other regions of the world. USA shipping will not incur additional fees. Shipping to other countries may require VAT or other fees. We expect to begin fulfillment in June of 2018.







Portal Dragon is committed to delivering quality games and components while keeping communication with the community through the entire process. We are gamers and we do this because we love games. We are excited about Palm Island since it creates a new type of experience. 

Design and Art by Jon Mietling  
Jon Mietling is a husband and father. He works for non-profit called Friendship Circle, which provides programs and services for individuals with special needs. His family has grown to a family of 9 with the addition of 5 foster kids. Jon thanks God for the opportunity his wife and he have to provide a safe and loving home for children in need.

"I wanted to create a game that you could take anywhere. I didn't realize how important this could be to certain gamers. Through playtesting I had numerous stories shared about how this game fit different players' lifestyles. Some people are always on the on the go, have limited table space, or spend a lot of time in one place, like a hospital. It gave me a greater perspective on who plays games and what they want or need as players. This makes me excited to address that with this game and in future designs."

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