Paint, Stream, Teach, & Share
Paint, Stream, Teach, & Share


The goal of this project is simple. I want to provide FREE art classes and instruction anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

Who will teach?

Initially, I will teach basic to advanced drawing and painting skills. As the project grows in popularity, I hope to enlist like-minded artists to share their knowledge by streaming on the project's channel. Each class will be recorded and made available to students around the clock.

What are the costs involved?

Thanks to modern technology, almost anyone with a computer or smart phone can stream live. This opens a whole new world to the way people can communicate and share knowledge.
In order to stream in HD, edit HD videos, and provide high quality content, it takes a more expensive computer. The startup cost to launch this project is $2999.00. This will cover the cost of a computer, along with the fees involved with Kickstart and shipping rewarded paintings to their new homes.

How will the project grow?

The start-up cost is the only thing keeping the project from launching. Two different streaming services use advertising to pay streamers for posting their content. For instance, I'm streaming a class, a student logs into the channel, an advertisement, usually content related, will appear before the student sees the stream.
This is a win win for everyone. 1. Students and art enthusiasts, worldwide receive free instruction. 2. The channel receives income from the advertisers. 3. The advertisers are broadcasting to a their target audience.

What is the long term goal for this project?

I foresee this project finding it's way into classrooms around the globe where funding for art is unavailable. People who have the opportunity to develop creative thinking, are able to learn to think outside the box in all other aspects of business and life in general. No one should be deprived of this opportunity to develop creative thinking skills. 

Please support this global adventure in artistic development!

I have wonderful rewards for those who support this cause. More importantly, you will play an important roll in the creative development of our younger generation. Thank you for your consideration!

Best regards,

Brett Winn

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