Paint Asia
Paint Asia

This project has already launched.

Too often do we take the little things for granted. Some of our first memories of artistic creation were of drawings and doodles, paper cut-outs and paper mache projects done as a child at home or in class. We don’t realize it then, but these fond memories have a lasting effect on us. It is vital in the early stages of growth to build creativity. Through our travels, we have realized that these basic lessons that drive a lifelong creative desire are lacking with many underdeveloped communities. Our mission is to create a Crowd-Funded Art festival that brings art to the kids in these communities that need it most.

Through collaborations with Artists and the street art festival POW! WOW! We have been inspired to give you a project we’d like to call Paint Asia. We will use crowdfunding as a source to bring together Artists from all over the world and use Art as a medium to deliver and inspire creativity.

Every year, we will search for a city in Asia that needs our campaign and run this grassroots event that’s funded by our backers with the goal of bringing art to the people. For Paint Asia’s inaugural year, we select the aboriginal village of Dah Dah (Hong Ye) in Taitung County, Taiwan.

We have assembled a select group of amazing artist that will collaborate with our parent company Imperial Taels with merchandise that will be used as Rewards for your Pledges in helping us achieve our goal.

Our event will include live mural paintings on location in the Elementary School of Hong Ye (Dah Dah) Village. We will have workshops between our artists and the students. We will bring painting materials, we will raise awareness and we will bond. And at the very end, we will document this whole festival and premiere the video for everyone who has pledged their support!

We have designed this event and its activities to inspire child and adult alike.

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