Pad Go Round Putting 2 to 4 Ergonomic Handles on Electronic Tablets
Pad Go Round Putting 2 to 4 Ergonomic Handles on Electronic Tablets

The Pad Go Round is a unique and versatile electronic tablet holder that will allow you total accessibility to get a better grip on your tablet.  Electronic tablets are relatively heavy with little margin to secure a good grip. Electronic tablets were not designed for an easy grip especially if you have small or arthritic hands. I



The Pad Go Round will be offered in two sizes: one for tablets the size of the Kindle Fire and iPad Mini and one the size of the iPad, Samsung 10.1, Dell Venue 8.  Attaching the base and the sliding handles is quick and easy.

The Pad Go Round has a base on which the handles slide to adjust for the different tablets. The base has four legs to elevate the tablet and protect from spills. There are loops on the corners of the base on which you can attach a lanyard. Another unique feature of the Pad Go Round is a universal threaded insert on the back of the base that will accept any accessory marketed for cameras: tripods, handles, suction cup mounts, etc.


Attach a table top tripod and follow recipes from your tablet.

The handles or clamps are secured by tightening a specially designed thumb nut on the bottom of the base. We will offer the Pad Go Round with two handles and two clamps. The handles and clamps do not block the charging port, lens, power buttons or speakers. 

Accessibility Features of the Pad Go Round

  • Ease of holding tablets while reading, shooting videos and watching movies
  • Tripod accessory allows you to stand the tablet for reading recipes or sharing a video
  • Lanyard allows you to secure your tablet around your neck. Your tablet will not fall any farther than the length of the lanyard.
  • Curved handles allow you to rest the tablet with ease
  • Perfect for anyone from 3 to 103
  • Allows you to customize the use of your tablet to realize the total versatility of electronic tablets

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