Pacific Baby's Natural Bamboo Feeding Bowls
Pacific Baby's Natural Bamboo Feeding Bowls

About this project

Hello! Pacific Baby is an early stage company that was founded to develop a range of natural, biodegradable and recyclable baby feeding items. We are faced with a huge problem...YOU can make a difference and TOGETHER we can make change!


Baby feeding items are a US $5 billion industry where 99% of the items are made from plastic - which is then casually discarded to choke landfills and oceans for up to 1,000 years!

PLUS, the harmful, hormone disrupting effects of petroleum-based plastic baby feeding items, resulting from chemicals leaching into our foods and products we use daily, are linked to multiple risks to the human body; especially to a developing baby/child.


We've developed a beautiful material and are pioneering the use of natural bamboo, mixed with corn starch, rice husk, wheat husk and natural food-grade color powder to produce a range of infant and children’s table wear that are:

• plastic-free
• biodegradable
• natural
• anti-bacterial
• dishwasher safe; and
• inexpensive

Priced for the every day family, we want to bring affordable, natural and plastic-free tableware to the reach of all parents, regardless of income. Choosing to be healthy should not be expensive.

We've already launched an initial range of plates, bowls and spoons, which are just now getting out into the market. We're trying to keep our momentum going and offer parents an ever-wider selection.


We're asking your help today to assist us in funding two new additional bowls, a Cereal Bowl and a Soup Bowl - we have a total of six new items we want to offer, and if we can get even more pre-orders than our goal, we will produce as many of the new items as we can including:

1. Cereal Bowl
2. Soup Bowl
3. Teddy Bear Tray
4. Circle Plate
5. Snack Trap
6. Food Storage Container

Our dream is to establish bamboo as an alternative feeding material for baby, and raise consumer awareness of these bamboo products, so that at some point the industry will take notice and start to change their own production strategies to encompass more natural and plastic-free materials. The end game: to make the world (which we only have ONE of) a better place for all of us. Better environment, better health!

Please watch our video to learn more (LINK)! Plus, see below for amazing rewards for pre-ordering!

As a mom- and dad-owned company, we are grateful for your support!

Risks and challenges

These products are produced in China, and Chinese factories have to be watched very carefully for quality control, safety and general management. Then the items need to comply with U.S. and EU safety standards, then shipped to the U.S. safely into our Salt Lake warehouse and then disbursed to our supporters.

Things can go wrong in this process. But, we have done it before over the last few years, and are getting pretty good at it. We're already in the market, so we know how to manage the process.

Also, we ensure the factories we work with practice fair trade and ethics in addition to producing quality.

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