Pébiott - Artisanal wooden shoes - SWISS Made
Pébiott - Artisanal wooden shoes - SWISS Made

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The idea of pébiott

The name Pébiott comes from MoMo Swiss Italian's dialect and means “bare foot”. Nowadays our feet are becoming weaker and weaker from a muscular point of view and the skin is ever more fragile. The reason for this slight relaxation is down to different factors, one of which is the excessive accommodation of the foot, where the soles of the shoes are too flexible. This can create temporary benefits, but in the long run the feet will result with a weak muscle tone, making them frail and hypersensitive. With pébiott clog sandals you will rediscover the active comfort that our ancestors exercised unconsciously. The foot indirectly receives the stimulus provided by the wood in contact with the ground, actively and rapidly reinforcing the muscles of the foot and the ankle whilst taking a step. The breathable design of the clog sandal, with its OPEN upper, allows the skin to grow stronger and resistant. All pébiott products are designed, developed and handcrafted in our workshop in Switzerland.


Artisanal trekking clogs

Pébiott helps you rediscover the primitive walk of our ancestors. We developed and tested Pébiott on the GREINA. Rediscover the feeling of the wood under your feet, this is “pébiott”! 

Five colors

The upper shoe leather is available in the following colors: red, gray, orange, yellow and green !

Technology Pébiott

Assisted walk Thanks to pébiott feel the sensation of an active, rounded walk. Amplify the sensorial reception that the ground offers during the walk.

Wood certified FSC Rediscover that primitive comfort, by walking on beech wood FSC that pébiott clog sandals provide.

Vegetal oil Allow your feet to naturally transpire thanks to the hygroscopic proprieties given off by the wood, rigorously treated with vegetable oil (AURO).

Leather upper shoe and antibacterial lining The lining EVA 2,2 is of closed cell antibacterial foam, which allows a better distribution of the weight on the surface of the skin. The upper shoe is made of full-grain cowhide shoulder 2.5 mm, colored with a plant-based tint.

Technology Péring® Distribute the weight of the upper in the best possible way thanks to the péring lace tightener functioning with pulley technology.

Sole pégrip® The exclusive sole with its off-road profile is made exclusively for pébiott clog sandals from a vulcanized rubber compound. The heel is well supported on the sides thanks to the reinforcements made in composite fiber placed in the upper.





We would like to thank you for your support by providing to most of your contributions an artistic postcard and/or leather key ring designed and created for your by Pébiott in Switzerland !



 Additional information

Production - Our products are hand crafted and therefore, only a limited number of Pébiott will be monthly produced. Around 60 early birds will receive their pair of Pébiott by May 2018. Then, 15 pairs will be shipped on a monthly basis. Once your contribution confirmed, we will let you know when you will be able to enjoy Pébiott!

Size - Pébiott clogs will be specifically created for you. We will send you specific instructions to measure the length to ensure the best possible fit. 

Colours - The upper shoe leather is available in the following colors: red, gray, orange, yellow and green. You'll be able to chose one of those together with the size after the confirmation of the contribution.

Multiple products - Should you need more than one product, please multiply the pledge amount and the shipping amount per number of wanted Pébiott. Feel free to contact us for any question, and THANK YOU for your support !




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