Ozello Shrimper
Ozello Shrimper

This project has already launched.

Want to catch shrimp and don't have a boat or the budget for store-bought seafood?  Don't want to bend over, touch them or get your hands dirty?  This is the tool for you!

Go out with a light on your head at night, along the beach, in the seagrass, and look for orange glowing eyes.  (Watch the Video to See One in Action!) Those are shrimp!  They are just sitting there waiting to be caught!  Walk up, put the Ozello Shrimper on top of them, pull the string, and close the door.  That's it!  You've caught a shrimp!  Throw them in a bucket and do it again!  You've caught another!  Soon you'll have a bucket full!

It's simple yet effective.  We know because we've been doing it for 30 years in the waters of Tampa Bay, Florida.  

The Ozello Shrimper has evolved since it was first conceived many years ago.  Originally designed by a dear late friend, the torch was passed down chains of people to improve it, and make it cheaper to produce so that more people could enjoy it.  

Originally a hand held net on the end of a pole, my father and his friends improved on the design to make the pole collapsible, the trap closeable and the whole unit manufacturable out of a garage in Florida.  Just like Microsoft!

Since inheriting responsibility for the invention, I have taken it out of the garage and through two full redesigns.  The first in laser cut metal, which was great, but super expensive and the second revision, what you see today, in 3D printed plastics.  Lots of improvements have gone into the Ozello Shrimper to include its slim, collapsable format for easy shipping and assembly, a permanent black color for low reflectivity at night, a larger capture area for bigger shrimp and / or crabs or other sea life and more visibility through the trap to enable you to catch your dinner easier.

Now they have entered the realm of affordability and I'm looking to generate enough capital to produce them.  The long term goal is to have one in every bait or fishing store that wants one.

But that's a long way off to say the least.  So, I'm starting with you, the shrimper, crabber and fisherpeople that want to catch your own dinner without any of the mess or fuss.  Interested?  Donate to the cause now.

I set the goal high because I want to make a lot of these and open the market up to more than just the Tampa Bay, Florida area.  I also chose KickStarter because if I don't raise the full amount, no one is out anything.  It's all or nothing.  In total, I want to make 125 units.

Want an idea of how many shrimp you can catch before you make the commitment?  Check out our video explaining how to clean shrimp, that's just one person's catch using an Ozello Shrimper!


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