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Oxygenz Air

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Growing up in the South Island of New Zealand we take for granted what we thought is a given right to everyone: Clean Air. New Zealand has a tiny population in relation to the size of the island and large swaths of native rain forest kept pristine. These rain forests create the delicious clean air we compress, made cleaner and crisper by swirling around in the snow-covered Southern Alps.


Our aim is to provide a refreshing experience for people that might not necessarily have access to the same clean, crisp air that can often be taken for granted. Everyone used to laugh about bottled water however it is now the norm. People began to appreciate the taste and purity of spring water. It is the same for our compressed air. If you live in a polluted city some breaths of fresh air might be just what you need to rise above the smog.

Oxygenz Air is recently harvested air compressed using a unique compression method from the southern alps of New Zealand.

For further insight to our product range please visit www.oxygenz.co.nz 

This project began as a simple idea shared among two friends and has developed over many months into the current product we are looking to fund. Since its humble beginnings Oxygenz Air has grown from simply a name on paper into a physical product that offers a unique taste of New Zealand. 

Our air is sourced from high up in the mountains surrounding Queenstown, NZ. This location is where we believe the best tasting air in New Zealand (if not the world) is found. Anyone who has experienced the snow caped peaks surrounding Queenstown will agree that this air is the best of the best. The cleanest, crispest, freshest air available.

As two environmentally conscious individuals we are focused on not only sharing our fresh air, but also plan to increase the clean air resource available in New Zealand. This will be achieved through a proportion of the profit made from selling the Oxygenz Air product being used to plant trees throughout New Zealand.

Our product aim is to become the premier supplier of high quality bottled air. We believe that New Zealand has access to superior quality air that can be bottled and sold as a premium product for users.

Our company is a small scale producer at present and we are looking for the support that would allow us to grow into a prominent market leader in the air industry.

We have currently hand compressed and packaged 500 canisters which are full of clean crisp are sourced from the mountains surrounding Queenstown, NZ. We have further cans on order and will be compressing as demand requires.  

Our Oxygenz Air product retails for NZD$24.99. We are pleased to have now sent our first order to China and are hoping to establish relationships that allow our product to be sold through New Zealand retail stores as we grow. We are humbled to be able to offer these unique canisters as rewards for those who support this project through the Kickstarter platform.

For every pledge over NZD$15 we will reward you with a canister of Oxygenz Air - Fresh New Zealand Mountain Air bottled in Queenstown, New Zealand. 

This is a opportunity for you to not only support Oxygenz Air, but to also experience the unique taste and experience that we offer.

Through the rewards offered by pledging and supporting the project, it is possible to receive the Oxygenz Air product for a lower price than offered through other retailers. These fresh mountain air canisters are exclusively offered at this price to those who support us using our Kickstarter campaign.

We are pleased to have a large quantity of cans ready to ship to our supporters. Get in quick and pledge over $15 and receive you can as soon as postage allows! 

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