Ovi Watch- The World's Smallest Wooden Watch
Ovi Watch- The World's Smallest Wooden Watch

This project has already launched.

With a touch of the nature and modern craftsmanship, inspired by the customer feedbacks, we proudly present our brand new ''Nature'' product line of Ovi Watch - the world's smallest wooden watches for a reasonable price, which is less than 100 Dollars!

Indiegogo peaks save even more and pay just $99 as Early Birds.



Ovi Watch started out as a wooden watch producer.  During exhibitions around all over the world and by gathering feedbacks, it became apparent that there is a need for wooden watches which are smaller in size, for the women segment.

It took quite a long time for us to design this very new product line, because we wanted to create a product which has everything you could possibly want from a wooden watch.  We mean it when we say,

"We think you're going to love it."

Creation of Ovi Watch

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