Overnight Oats Made Easy
Overnight Oats Made Easy

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Overnight Oats:  Breakfast Gets Easy, Healthy, and Delicious

The first thing you need in the morning is energy and you need it quickly. If you love the energy and benefits of oatmeal, we've just made it easier. We experimented in our kitchen for months to make your life easier with the perfect blend of organic oats, ripe summertime fruit, and warming cinnamon. And with Overnight Oats, there is no cooking required. Just pour, eat, sleep.

End Mid Morning Crashes

The last thing you want in the morning is low quality food. Typical ready-made breakfasts lead to a mid-morning crash. Then you need a snack that just adds calories. With Overnight Oats, breakfast is ready to go in the morning in one easy container. Saving time in the morning is precious.  Simply stir and enjoy that long, sustained energy that oatmeal is famous for. Eat it before you leave for work, on the way to work, or at your desk. You feel full longer because it digests slowly.

Both Delicious And Good For You

What’s the overnight oats craze all about? Oats soaked overnight have a different texture than cooked oats.  They are soft and creamy.  The awesome flavors of the oats, fruit and cinnamon mix and mingle overnight until they become softened to perfection.  Say goodbye to your everyday bland and boring breakfast. Overnight Oats by Dave’s Naturals tastes great and is good for you too. No cooking means that all that goodness stays in the oats.

Four Delicious Flavors

Overnight Oats come in four flavors. Blueberry Almond Vanilla is like waking up to fresh ripe blueberries and oatmeal on a summer morning with almonds and vanilla to round out the flavor.  Apple Nut is like digging into Apple Pie for breakfast.  Cinnamon Raisin is a classic combination of warming cinnamon and chewy raisins and chia.  Mixed Berry is bursting with a bit of everything:  summertime blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and chia seeds.

Only available now on Kickstarter:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/587377069/1433288300?token=95478693


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