Overcoming Manipulation: From Oh Sh** to Happier Days
Overcoming Manipulation: From Oh Sh** to Happier Days

This project has already launched.

This nonfiction book is about how to overcome manipulative and verbal abusive relationships.

This book is based of my own experiences. It will be a memoir/how to overcome these situations. I find the biggest impact on people's lives is hearing a story of others who have been through the exact same thing. In manipulative relationships, you feel alone and like no one can relate.

This book is meant for those who, well, kind of feel crazy. Feel offended by their relationship, feel unhappy, don’t feel appreciated, and said yes to more than one of the signs of being in a manipulative relationship (which will be in the book as well). It's for those who WANT to move forward and feel alive again. This process is not easy so through this book, they will be able to address the situation, learn HOW to overcome and then HOW to move forward in their lives.

With this one book, I see more opportunities to expand upon and creating more to follow.

I have never been more passionate about anything and I truly feel that this was my purpose in life. I went through these experiences for a reason and now I want to share my story in hopes to help others along the way.

I write with honesty, to the point and add humor along the way. I want to make the readers cry, laugh, and have a "Holy Sh**" response because THOSE are the ones that hit home. That emotion is what creates TRUE impact on a person's life and allows them to WANT to become their best selves.

I hope you can help me in this amazing journey! It's going to be fun and worth the wait! You can check out my writing style and a little bit of my story on my blog. https://www.caycoaching.com/blog

The donations will go to cost of editing, publishing, advertising, and all other necessities for publishing a book.

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