OVAL is the world's first small, affordable and industrial strength sensor that detects changes in motion & acceleration, light, temperature, moisture and proximity - sending an alert to your smart phone or email whenever it's disturbed. Anywhere in the world. Instantly.

The Backstory

The idea for OVAL was conceived by a concerned parent as a way to help prevent prescription drug and alcohol abuse. A couple of years ago, Rich Cosgrove and his son were driving home from school. His son expressed concern over the rampant use of these substances among his peers. Given the growing epidemic of the abuse of these substances, and how they can potentially lead to other drug use and addiction, Rich began to think of an unobtrusive way for parents to monitor their medicine and liquor cabinets. And OVAL was born.

But It Began To Evolve...

Rich sought out an engineer to help design and develop this technology and soon found Lars Gerd Piwkowski. Through many late night conversations, the idea for OVAL began to develop further. Why just monitor motion when we can have it do so much more?

Lars began to work on a prototype and within 6 months had OVAL sensors detecting changes in motion, acceleration light, moisture, temperature and proximity. This enabled OVAL to have thousands of additional uses. Not only can parents use these sensors to protect sensitive and potentially dangerous items around their home, but everyone could now use OVAL to protect the people, pets and things they care about most.

View our live sensor test here:

View how the app works here:


View an inside look at an OVAL sensor here:


See an overview of our OVAL gateway here:


Now we have an exciting new piece of technology that continues to evolve every day. Our video just touches on the surface of how OVAL could be used. Each individual will find their own uses for OVAL and we're here to help make the experience simple.

Why We Need You

First of all, thank you for taking the time to check out our project. We really appreciate it.

We've been self-funded up until this point and dedicated a year of designing, developing and planning our marketing for the launch of this project.

The sensor itself is finished. It's fully functional and ready for mass production. We will be producing the manufacturing, assembling and quality control of our initial run of OVAL with DIGITALSYSTEMS, located in Solingen, Germany.

We're looking for your support to help us with our initial production run. This includes the costs associated with tooling, manufacturing, and packaging OVAL. By involving you during this stage, we're able to more accurately gauge the number of OVAL's we need to produce during our initial run which will result in lower costs. And we'll pass those savings on to you by discounting the launch price of OVAL.

Most importantly, participating in this campaign creates a forum with you to hear your thoughts on how we could improve OVAL and it's features. We welcome all feedback and would love to open up a discussion!

Please see our production timeline below:

Meet our Team

What's Next for Oval?

We have been in the initial stages of planning a mobile gateway that allows you to take your sensors on the road with you. This will be great for keeping an eye on items such as bikes, cars, laptops and many more!

We plan on offering OVAL sensors in different colors including different patterns and materials (i.e. reflective materials and camo)!

Check out our website for more updates and information about OVAL


Thanks again!

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