Outpost - The Mobile Game (The First of it's Kind!)
Outpost - The Mobile Game (The First of it's Kind!)

Who are we? We are Souven Incorporated! And what's our campaign for? Find out below!

We, Souven Incorporated are proud to announce our new horror game called Outpost! Follow the twisting corridors and enter into the unknown! Are you really alone? Are you really safe? Are you really ready?

We are raising money to help us develop a fun game for your mobile phone, or tablet! Our game? It's a horror strategy, the first of it's kind! So before we get to involved let me introduce the team. I am Justin, I do all the developing of the game myself and this includes 3D graphics, next up we have Felix, who deals with all of our marketing and helps keep everyone on task. There's Barry who's job is to  manage our Customer Support lines (including: Our phone lines, live chat, and email support), he also deals with all of our social media (including: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). And last but not least we have our Artist, and as you might of guessed draws up all of our art (including: logos, and some graphics) by hand! And that's our team of five! All of the funds will go towards the creation of the game, these funds will cover the cost of the development software commercial licences, our Customer Support Software that helps run our phone lines, support email, live chat, and website. It will also cover costs to release the game into the IOS app store, and the Google Play store. And last but not least it will help us cover any unexpected costs for any system bugs, or problems that we may run into while developing the game. Now what is our game about? Our game is the first Horror game for mobile that takes place in a maze! Play through our fun maze levels with just a small light and weapon. Try to find your way through the maze before "they" find you. The game will come packed with 50-100 different mazes to explore, a dark and foggy environment for the extra scare factor, we will also include various songs and sound effects to keep the adrenaline and uncertainty pumping through you. You can expect to see different lighting effects throughout the game and lighting custom to each and every different maze. Play through the game in a "story mode" or just explore the mazes. But remember to avoid our monsters. As the music starts to intensify that's when you better start running! Play through levels to earn coins or get them quicker by watching ads. We will never have intrusive ads within the play area, so you can view them if you want but if you don't want to watch them, then don't. The only true terrifying, horror game... Guaranteed! For more pictures please contact our team directly through our email: souven@zoho.com

(Video will be coming soon, however a game trailer will have to wait a little longer.)

Thanks a ton,

Justin & The Team!

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