"Out of This Screen" Split-Vision prototype mini-series

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Let Rubinot guide you into a new kind of visual storytelling. Move your sight, overtake the screen, go beyond the boundaries of the single-screen experience. In the promo, titled "Here We Go Again, Rubinot!", the rainbow-eyed android and Split-Vision envoy will introduce you to an experimental immersive multi-screen system which you can easily set up in the comfort of your home. It will bring you to a totally new experience:

A mini-series of original self-contained episodes of sci-fi, fantasy and thrilling genre, specifically developed and produced to be watched in Split-Vision.

Split-Vision is an in-development experimental audiovisual system. An alternative. A possibility. A new horizon. Beyond the usual path of vision. A system and a laboratory to experiment with a different narrative, a new articulation of visual language, a different ambition in storytelling. Right under our noses, all around us. The horizon of an immersive audiovisual experience without helmets, visors, glasses or wearable.

Rubinot - a timeless droid from another time and perhaps another universe, silent but observant - watched our technology for years and waited for a sign of the ripeness of times. She waited. Now, emissary and keeper of an alternative vision, old and new at the same time, she’s ready to share.

 And she urges us: "You should."

Following the official sci-fi promo “Here We Go Again, Rubinot!”, “Out of This Screen”, a prototype specifically produced brand-new anthology mini-series, will be the first content written, shot and edited specifically to be watched in sV.

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