Our Love Challenges
Our Love Challenges

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Our Love Challenges - A Book For Couples In Love

About this project

Our Love Challenges is a project inspired by our own experience. We often struggle to come up with original and lovely presents for our loved ones.There are many people with the same problem (maybe even you?) and so we decided to create this book.



Our Love Challenges is a book that was first published in the Czech Republic. The first run sold out rather quickly. Based on the initial success we have promptly agreed to offer the book to the rest of the world. 

Why Kickstarter

To produce Our Love Challenges and deliver them to our customers all over the world we need 10 000 USD. We have managed to pay for part of the production costs from our own pockets (graphics, first print run), but we still need an additional 8 000 USD.




About us

We are two university students from Prague, Czech Republic. We’ve created a unique book for couples in love called Our Love Challenges. Our mission is to give couples original ideas for activities, which they can complete together and strengthen their relationships.

After a long period of preparations, we are happy to present the book to girlfriends, boyfriends, wives and husbands from around the world and to everyone who likes adventure, romance and fun.

Be a part of Our Love Challenges. Now it’s you who can bring this project to life. We believe that you will enjoy the book as much as we do and have a great time completing the challenges.

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