OuiRun: find your next running partners
OuiRun: find your next running partners

This project has already launched.

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Everyone has a different reason to run. For some, it's a way to get fit and back in shape. Others run to blow off steam and empty their heads. For the most dedicated, it is a passion and a way of life. Women and men, young and old, European, Asian or American : running is universal. Everyday is a good day to run!

However, we realized that even though there are more and more runners across the globe, it is really hard finding people to run with! Why should running be practiced on your own? After all, we are never alone on the starting line of a marathon...

Countless apps, tools and connected devices exist to measure runners' individual performance, but there lacks a simple and efficient way to connect running lovers who live in the same area. We've always found it frustrating to use inadequate tools (blogs, forums, Facebook groups...) to find and contact fellow runners. 

This is why we decided to create OuiRun: to offer runners just what they needed to meet other fellow runners and create their own running crew. Our vision is that OuiRun should be your app as much as it is ours: let's run together!

We came up with this idea of an easy-to-use app that could help runners connect together by showing other runners around you.  

Once you fill in your profile on OuiRun, our matching algorithm will show you other runners of your speed and level nearby. You can then send them an invitation and start setting up your runs once they add you!  A chat is available in the app to talk with your new running buddies and set up meeting points. 

You can also host and join public running sessions. Once you create a session, anyone can join you for a group run! 


 OuiRun is available worldwide, and there are already more than 10 000 OuiRunners in over 30 countries. We want to make it helpful for all the runners, wherever they live!

The first step to enable everyone to use the app is by translating it in as many languages as possible. However, we still have to make choices to decide which languages will be available on OuiRun. That’s why, in order to see which countries are the most eager to use the app, contributors can vote for their tongue to be featured on the app! At the end of the campaign, we will publish the results of the vote and translate the top 5 languages - and even more if the campaign is a great success! 

It's time to introduce ourselves! We are a bunch of enthusiastic French runners, always willing to go the extra mile. 

Miniature de la vidéo du projet



We have been working full-time for one year and a half, using our own funds and savings to develop OuiRun in order to provide you with an accomplished app. 

From now on, we want to accelerate the app's development in order to make it more complete, more useful and more practical for runners. We want to make OuiRun a real-life running social network where you can meet, chat and run with other enthusiasts.

OuiRun is free to use and will always be: this is our promise. We also do not want to spoil the app with intrusive pop-ups and ad banners. 

On the contrary, we want to optimize the overall design and user experience of OuiRun and develop new functionalities. We are full of ideas to improve the app, but we lack the financial resources to carry out this mission as quickly as we'd like to. 

That is why we need you to make OuiRun the reference running app, and to do so, you will have the control! We want the app to be designed by runners, for runners. There a several improvements we want to deliver, and you will get to choose. Once you support us, you will get voting rights that you can to choose the features you want to see on OuiRun! You have the possibility to choose among many new functionalities: 







Not able to help us financially? 

Don't worry, there is plenty more you can do to help! If you like the project and want to give us a hand, here's how you may help:

  • Tell your friends, your family, your local running community. We are looking to grow everywhere around the world, and this is why we need your help! The more OuiRunners on the app, the more group sessions for you to join, and the more potential running buddies to run with.
  • Share this campaign on social media! Let the world know that running alone is not a fatality, and that everyone deserves to find the right running partner. If you share our campaign on social media, we will grant you one vote for the functionality and language of your choice. Send us a screenshot at antoine(at)ouirun.co with your votes!
  • If you want to get involved in the app growth and/or be your city local ambassador, we are always looking for dynamic users who want to be our own OuiRangers! Host group sessions, spread the word and make your city run! If you are interested, fill in this form and we will get back at you.
  • We are always listening to our users' suggestions and ideas. If you would like to add another functionality to the app and to submit for a vote, if you experienced a bug, or if you'd like to help us, feel free to comment or send us an email at contact(at)ouirun.com and we will answer promptly!

We need your support and motivation to take the app to the next level: together, we will build the perfect social running app!


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