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A live version of Goodreads with feed and chatrooms for book lovers to talk about books, follow authors, & collect books. Kickstarting: 15 Aug 2017, 8AM NEW YORK TIME (UTC-05:00).

“The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” 

Books can be intellectual or insipid, smutty or scholarly, fiction or non-fiction: but no matter what genre it belongs to, a good book seizes your attention and gets you lost. Our ios app is the culmination of design choices and features that streamline the path to that last satisfying page turn. 

OTTERSEYE has the potential to be used as a platform for both focused, detailed content and unlimited discussion; a balance that’s efficient for every kind of reader. Featuring detailed review systems, focused chatrooms, and free-for-all forums, OTTERSEYE is an app with flexibility and user convenience. You’ll never have to waste time sifting through Goodreads looking for a decent review again. We’ve made accessing good quality content easy, without sacrificing the conversation. The best way to push a movement is to talk about it. 

With OTTERSEYE, finding your next page turner is convenient and fun. The books that you’ll see on your feed will be highly relevant: most importantly, relevant to you. You’ll be able to see what your friends think of their latest finds, what your favourite author can’t wait to read next, and recommendations that are similar to what’s already on your bookshelf. 

Using OTTERSEYE allows you to: 

  • create your own profile, where you can publish statuses, book reviews, and curated lists with your followers 
  • make connections by following your friends 
  • follow your favourite authors, who can use the platform to share their newest spoilers or their current literary obsessions through profiles of their own 
  • easily discover new books, either through our app’s tag/filter system (which will allow for more specific, organised recommendations) or through your feed 
  • gain access to more detailed, descriptive book reviews with a new rating system that can better help you decide what to read next 
  • quickly identify books with the camera-to-barcode scanner, and save new titles to your bookshelf for easy access 
  • create and join book clubs, where you can chat live about the current reading list 
  • access the discussion forums, where posts can be as focused or as contemplative as you like; everything is free game

1) Feed

2) Search

3) Chatrooms and Book Clubs

4) Discussion Board and 5) Profile

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