Osiris: World's Smallest & Least Expensive Smart Water Monitor
Osiris: World's Smallest & Least Expensive Smart Water Monitor

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Osiris is the world's smallest and least expensive Smart Water Monitor. It works worldwide, in any single family home. 

Osiris protects your home from water leaks, lowers your water bills, and helps you conserve water.

Simply tie-wrap Osiris onto a pipe in your home, plug it in, and connect it to your WiFi network.

You can install it in seconds. No tools required.

The average home plumbing leak causes $2,370 of damage. But with Osiris watching your home, you don't have to worry. Osiris monitors water flow and alerts you if you have a water leak. You can turn off the water and stop the leak before it damages your home. Save thousands of dollars and prevent the growth of mold.

What if its winter, your gas heater shuts off, and your pipes start to freeze? Osiris monitors the drop in pipe temperature. It alerts you to the problem before your pipes can freeze and burst. Turn on your heater and prevent a disaster. Save thousands of dollars and protect your personal possessions.

Osiris catches expensive water waste. Like the times when we're watering our plants, get distracted, and accidentally let the garden hose run for hours. Osiris catches the problem before you flood your yard.

What about those annoying toilet leaks? A running toilet can waste 200 gallons of water a day. And it can leak for weeks without the homeowner knowing. Osiris finds the leak long before you get a surprise on your water bill.

Osiris pays for itself the first time you get a water leak or leave the garden hose on.

It makes a great gift for family and friends. Give your best friend a gift that protects her vacation home from expensive water damage. Or give your Dad a birthday gift that reduces his bills.

Osiris helps you understand when and how you use water. 

If you're like me, you use most of your water in the morning and in the evening. If your morning water use is high, you can make sure to turn off your faucets when you're not using them. If your nightly water use is high, you can ask your teenager to take shorter evening showers.

Did you use more water than you wanted to last Sunday? This weekend, combine loads of laundry to save water & money.

Osiris allows you to set a monthly goal for reducing your water use. Track your progress and get personal feedback on your water habits.

Osiris helps you make small, positive changes that add up to big savings over time.

Size: 1.3 x 2.2 x 0.4"

Weight: 1 oz

Case: Polycarbonate (high impact resistance)

Fits Pipe: Any size, copper or PVC

Each Osiris comes with tie-wraps, a power adapter, and instructions.

Power: UL Approved Adapter, Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz

We ship you the right adapter for your country.

Internet: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n

Works with any wireless router. 

What if your water main is located outside your home, where the unit could easily get stolen? Or it's behind the water heater and difficult to reach? Or in a crawl space where there's no power? No problem. Osiris works on any pipe inside your home.

Osiris mounts a sensitive transducer on the pipe. When you run your water, sound conducts through your entire plumbing system. Osiris listens to the sound and knows when your water is on. Osiris graphs how many minutes you run your water each hour. This helps you understand when and how long you use water.

This technique worked so well that we filed a patent, and are now patent-pending on the use of sound & vibration to detect water flow in pipes.

Osiris uses some of the same technology that we use to make lab instruments for Silicon Valley companies. Devices like our SP-8V (8-channel MicroVoltmeter) and SP-8I (8-channel NanoAmmeter).

AZ APPS has been making smart devices for 14 years. Meet our core team.

We use high-quality ISO 9000 certified manufacturers.

We have partnered with these companies to produce devices in lots of more than 5,000.

We know from experience that they can deliver in a reliable and timely manner.

A Reliable Device from an Established Company

AZ APPS has been making smart devices for 14 years. We sell over a dozen industrial products to major companies. Visit our website to learn more about our products (www.myazapps.com/about-us)

1) Osiris is built, tested, and production-ready.

2) App is fully functional and tested.

3) We have 5-10 year relationships with our manufacturers and know that they can mass-produce our design in a reliable and timely manner.

4) We run 20+ automated tests on every Osiris before shipping, to guarantee that it works properly when you receive it.

5) We give you regular updates as we near shipping, and are happy to answer any questions.

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