Orphanage of Fear
Orphanage of Fear

No one is coming to save you…

In Orphanage of Fear players take on the role of the orphan children in the Shining Hope Orphanage. At least they claim to. You see, children have been disappearing at night and the caretaker has been helpless to stop it.

But that’s because he won’t believe the answer. Children aren’t wandering away. People aren’t taking them. There are things taking them. Monsters. Boogeymen. And only you can save yourself. At least, that’s what you say when talking with the other children…

All you have to rely on are yourselves and the orphanage’s meager supply of toys. Since there aren’t enough for everyone the caretaker makes you share, taking them back each day and then giving them out anew for the evening. These toys are your only help to figure out who the boogeymen are… and they can use them too.

In Orphanage of Fear the orphan players try to deduce who the Boogeymen are, while the boogeymen are trying to hide their identities. All players gain new, temporary abilities each round. The constantly shifting nature of the abilities allows more people to announce what information they have, but the players have to wonder if the information given is from a trustworthy source, or if it is accurate at all considering the boogeymen brought along with them to help them hide.

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