Organic Vegan Herb-Crafted Chocolate Company expands kitchen
Organic Vegan Herb-Crafted Chocolate Company expands kitchen

This project has already launched.


Who is Chocolita?

 Greetings! I'm Sarah Ann Lesslie, founder of Chocolita. I've been making raw chocolate for over a decade now (not just in my kitchen, but actually as a job). I launched my own company, Chocolita in 2014. I've been making a great hustle to get these herb-and-superfood-crafted bars to you, with the help of some great friends (that I pay of course:)


Chocolita was created with the intention of providing eco-friendly, nutritious and exotic chocolate products. We are committed to bringing you exotic and unique flavors that you’ll fall in love with.

We here at Chocolita love the feeling of being free and our chocolate reflects that. We have made a commitment to bring you the most pure chocolate possible. This means it is free of processed junk and ingredients that commonly cause digestive upset (gluten, soy, corn). There are no fillers in our chocolate and never will be.

Chocolita is certified Organic, and is free of soy, gluten, corn, fillers, and processed sugar.  We use Coconut Palm Sugar, which is a low-glycemic sweetener and is diabetic-friendly.


Why we need your help

 We have been renting a kitchen from Lulu's Chocolate for the past two years, and now Lulu's is leaving the kitchen to us. We need to raise some money for equipment, rent through the rest of the year, and our stretch goal is to raise money for new packaging. Our goal this time is set lower than what we are listing below. This is what we are raising the money for, however.

 Here's the breakdown:


16,000-larger tempering machine

8,000- rent through 2017

3,000- misc. kitchen equipment (tables, spatulas, bowls, etc

1,500- kickstarter fees

1500-payment processing fees

Stretch goal- 11,000- packaging

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